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Patriots vs Panthers Preview


The Patriots biggest test of the season so far comes on the national stage of Monday Night Football. Brady will have all his weapons back (Vereen expected to play) against a solid Panther defense. Are the Patriots the team we saw put up 55 points against the Steelers, or are they the team that put up 6 points against a good Bengal defense. This game is a measuring item to see where this team is, and where the team is going.

The Patriots haven’t faced a good mobile quarterback (I don’t count Geno or EJ as good quarterbacks) sense last year against the Seahawks and Russell Wilson, a game in which they lost. Now they are facing arguably the best mobile quarterback in the game today in Cam Newton. And the Patriots depleted front 7 is going to be tested by a 3 headed monster running back trio in DeAngelo Williams, Jonathon Stewart, and Mike Tolbert. It will be interesting to see how we measure up against a solid running attack and what frankly is a good offensive unit.

On the other side of the ball it will be great to see this offense continue to mesh into one of the best in the league. With all of the weapons back, will the game start to open up for the rookie receivers? And if it does, will they be able to capitalize? Early on in the season when Gronk was still injured the young receivers struggled, and you cannot blame them. They were the main weapons on a typically high powered and complex Patriot Offense. Now with Gronk back, they have looked better, and two weeks ago against the Steelers the offense looked great. But the Steelers defense is not the Steelers defense of old, it has a banged up secondary and everyone in the league has been able to move the ball against them. It will be interesting to see how the young receivers and the offense will stack up against a much more talented Panthers defense.

All of that being said, I like the Patriots in a very close game. The Patriots have always been very good after the bye week, and I do not think that changes here. I think Cam Newton will make a key mistake and Brady will capitalize on it which will lead to a close win. I like the Patriots with a final score of 24-21.


Week 10 NFL Weekend Recap

Well it’s that time of the week again, time for the Week 10 NFL Weekend Recap.

The games….

BAL 20 CIN 17

Someone should probably tell James Ihedigbo that it is unwise to pop up a pass in the air on a Hail Mary

Luckily the Bengals will always be the Bengals and go for it on 4th and 2 on the 50 in overtime and fail, leading to a Justin Tucker game winning field goal.

Kicker swag for dayz.

STL 38 IND 8

Phew, thought we had to worry about the Colts being for real for a minute. Not the same team without Reggie Wayne.

And how about the break out game for Tavon Austin

Justin Tucker and Tavon Austin 100 percent called each other and planned to do the Terio.

Both 0-8 teams got off the chopping block…

JAX 29 TEN 27

It’s your day of days Jaguars fans!!!

Group hug in the shower tonight!!

And the most Amurican’ Jaguars fan award goes to this guy

TB 22 MIA 19

The Buccaneers made as many Buccaneers plays as they could to lose this game, but still somehow won.

Also, The Dolphins really did miss Dirty Richie last night.

NO 49 DAL 17

America is getting weirder by the second

And Dwayne Harris died halfway through this game, but came back later in said game.

Oh and Dallas sucks and always will.

Quick break to watch Marvin Williams get demolished

CAR 10 SF9

Yeah probably wasn’t a good idea trading Alex Smith huh?

ARI 27 HOU 24

Yeah no one really cares about this game.

SEA 33 ATL 10

Well Atlanta continues to disappoint everyone.

But you still have “spank me” fan, so keep your head up Atlanta, there is hope.

NYG 24 OAK 20

How are the Giants still in the playoff race with this idiot leading them?

Oh yeah the NFC East is a joke.

photo (3)

Sadly enough the Giants will make the playoffs, but as long as Eli keeps playing horrible, they will be a one and done.

PHI 27 GB 13

Seneca Wallace throws just like Uncle Rico

(Yes this is from last weeks game but it is still true)

And Clay Matthews played with a wrecking ball on his hand.

And Green Bay needs Aaron Rodgers back.

Mississippi Abolishes Slavery in 2013, Wait What?

Story here.

You know that one family member you have that is really just a grimy person? Chain smokes, has that weird smell to them, always has a little dirt on him. Kind of looks like this.

 Well that’s how Mississippi is to the rest of the United States. Really just the underbelly of society. The lowest of the low. I can’t think of a single person who would choose to go down and live in Mississippi. It’s something your born into really, like AIDS. If you are born in Mississippi, you die in Mississippi, there is no leaving. Maybe that’s why they are so behind in this “slavery is immoral and wrong” thing the rest of the country has going for the last 148 years.

How can a state in our country just be abolishing slavery this day in age? I mean obviously I don’t think people still practiced slavery, but come on now. I guess anything goes in the dirty south.

Eastern Michigan Coach Fired After Using Bad Language

Story here.


This has to be one of the most absurd stories I have ever heard. It does not specify what Coach Ron English said, but I’m going to assume it’s not on Richie Incognito’s level. I mean are you serious, a football coach fired for swearing at his players. Jiminy Crickets, my YOUTH football coaches used to swear all the time, not at us, but c’mon now. These are grown men, I’m sure they have heard swear words. How are coaches supposed to communicate with their team now? Are they supposed to start saying things like “You guys are playing like a bunch of meaniepoops out there, I need to start playing better. Go team!” That will fire the boys up, not a doubt about that.

Also, the 11-46 record may not have helped, may want to work on the whole winning aspect of coaching Ron.

Week Nine NFL Wrap Up

The Games…

MIA 22 CIN 20

Andy Dalton doing what Andy Dalton does best />

And what he does best is being a mediocre quarter back, And getting sacked in the endzone for a safety to lose your team the game in probably the dumbest way possible. Keep on Keepin’ on Big Red!

CAR 34 ATL 10

Matt Ryan simply has no one to throw too. I mean when your best receiver’s name is Harry Douglas you can’t really expect to win many games.

Ridiculous name though, his parents must of been going for a joke name or something. It would be like if Matt Bonner’s name was Harry Bonner.

WAS 30 SD 24

It’s sad really, the Chargers still can’t win a game when RG3 makes plays like this

Philip Rivers is just one of those people who can not win. He’s talented, but he just can not be successful for some reason.

NYJ 26 NO 20

It was a battle of former fat man, feet loving Rex, and still fat Rob Ryan.

And Rex came out on top. On a side note I’m surprised guys like Kubiak are dropping on the sideline but somehow Rob Ryan’s still kicking, making horrible calls every week. Guys got the biggest beer gut I think I have ever seen.

TEN 28 STL 21

Rams and Titans game, doesn’t really get any more boring than that.

I mean there’s this highlight at least.

KC 23 BUF 13

I’m pretty sure you are not supposed to throw the ball directly to the other team when you are on their one yard line, and then let that player return it for a touchdown. But hey, that’s just me.

Jeff Tuel may be the worst quarterback ever, If the Bills didn’t turn the ball over and allow Kansas City to get 2 defensive touchdowns, they would of won this game. Everyone always bashes the AFC East but if you really look at it, it could sneakily be one of the better divisions in football. Jets took down the Saints yesterday, Dolhpins took down the Bengals on Thursday, and the Pats destroyed the Steelers. The Bills really should of won, and would of won, if they didn’t have Jeff Tuel, their third string quarterback, playing. Take a look at the division standings:

photo (3)

Most of the losses on each teams schedule comes against other teams in the division, besides the Jets but the Jets are the most sporadic team in history. Some food for thought there though.

Oh and Kansas City loses in the first round of the playoffs, guaranteed. No offense at all.


Really thought the most disgusting team in the league would pull this one out. But when Mike Glennon gets murdered at the start of the game, you should know your team is going to go up 21-0 then blow the lead and lose the game. Should of known from the start.

PHI 49 OAK 20

This is the last time we will see Bad Newz Kennelz until Foles inevitably either throws 7 int’s his next game or gets his 40th concussion. The real bet here is to see which comes first.

And in case you were wondering, Al Davis Jr. still has the freshest hair cut in the game today.

NE 55 PIT 31

Well that was the Patriots of old. Gronk spikes, Big Ben turnovers, really queer Brady moments… but then you realize hes a multi millionare, is married to Gisele, and his house has a moat. The game had it all.

I hate my life.

CLE 24 BAL 18

Well I guess the Browns aren’t bad anymore.

And Flacco’s contract continues to be laughable. Maybe he needs to bring back the Fu-Man-Chu thing he had going.


IND 27 HOU 24

Case Keenum is actually going to be a really good quarterback, which means incredibly funny tweets from Rovell.


LOL, Nailed it!

But about the actual game, if you sign a kicker like Randy Bullock, who simply is a fat person, to be your kicker, you should expect him to miss 3 out of 4 kicks and lose the game for you. And if the Texans didn’t that is their fault and no one else’s.

Truly should inspire the young football players that anybody can be a kicker, maybe not a good one, but a kicker none the less. And teams like the Texans will sign you, because they are stupid.

Also, when your head coach goes down, I think the last person I would want taking over is Wade Phillips AKA Newt Gingrich.

CHI 27 GB 20

It’s truly horrible to see elite quarterbacks go down and then Seneca (name straight out of Zelda) Wallace play. It’s even more horrible to see your survival league team lose because of that injury.

Also does Skip Bayless get paid to say really stupid things so people talk about them? If so, play on playa, because he does a good job at it.


The answer is no Skip, you don’t start Josh McCown over Jay Cutler after one game. If you need an example of why this is a bad idea, look at Matt Flynn or Kevin Kolb.

NFL Weekend Wrap Up Week 8

Here is another weekend wrap up of what went down in the NFL

CAR 31 TB 13

Cam Newton is feeling right at home

So is Marshall Faulk.


SF 42 JAX 10

Kind of what we are all thinking

Except this guy

But for the love of god Roger Godell please do not move the Jaguars to London, I mean look at these guys.

They look like a gayer version of the cast of cats. I mean for Pete’s Peppers these may be the worst fans on earth. Fucking Brits.

But the Jaguars are heading into a bye week, is it possible to lose that too? 0-16.

NYG 15 PHI 7

The sad thing is the Giants are only 2 out of the division lead, playoff bound.

Eli had to sell his soul to do so, but at least they are back in it!

NO 35 BUF 17

With fans like these can you actually lose?

But you probably shouldn’t let Drew Brees run around in the pocket.

NE 27 MIA 17

Marquice Cole and Devin Mccourty for the Men’s Olympic Vollyball team!

Love the name Marquice by the way. I can’t imagine seeing your child being born and being like “that’s a Marquice if I’ve ever seen one.”

KC 23 CLE 17

How bad must it suck to be from Cleveland? The Indians tease you this year by almost making the playoffs then the Brown tease you by winning three straight then dropping two in a row. The only good news for the Browns coming out of this game is Jason Campbell actually looks like he isn’t that bad. I am sure going to miss Brandon Weeden, one minute you see him, the next minute he some how misses a giant flag being spread out over the field and gets taken under and is gone forever. Goodnight sweet prince.

But really that should of been a warning to the Browns he was a horrible NFL quarterback. If you can’t see a giant flag coming across the field how do you expect to see a NFL corner back coming across to pick you off?

DET 31 DAL 30

Dallas choked in the final minute? You’ve cat to be kitten me!

And Dez Bryant threw a temper tantrum on the side line?! Now flipping way!

Love how the random assistant coach just looked at him and then walked away. Not taking Dez serious for a minute.

I think Jason Witten would be the last person in the world I would want yelling at me. I would just drop dead right there.

Oh and Calvin Johnson had 329 receiving yards to go along with a touchdown.

Dez Bryant said last week “I can do whatever Calvin can do” well obviously not seeing you had 72 receiving yards and threw a teenage girl size tantrum on the sidelines.

OAK 21 PIT 18

I mean I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be but if you let the Quarterback have a 92 yard Touchdown run, untouched, on the first play of the game, you’re going have a bad time.

CIN 49 NYJ 9

Yup the Jets won their Super Bowl off a blown call vs. The Patriots. It is all down hill from here.

Sorry Rex

ARI 27 ATL 13

Most shocking game of the day for me, I thought Arizona was really bad, I mean they still are but I guess the Falcons are just worse.

Matt Ryan just simply has no one to throw too.

DEN 45 WAS 21

Maybe I was a little off with this pic, but the Redskins did lead 21-7 early in the third quarter, but then they played like the Redskins and it all went downhill from there. RG3 should of probably taken the year off to heal that knee, if he can’t run he is as ineffective as it gets.

The bottom line is RG3 is not a pocket passer. He is a mobile Quarterback and if he can’t open up the secondary by running the ball himself, he is as ineffective as it gets.

GB 44 MIN 31

The Vikings are really bad, but check out Cordarrelle Paterson’s Kick Off Return

Random, but how annoying are those discount double check commercials at this point, especially the ones with The Bears Fan’s. Every time I see one I want to smash my TV.

The Boston Sports Conspiracy

After another ridiculous call against Boston Sports I feel like Charlie Kelly working in the mailroom. There is a conspiracy against Boston Sports that will rock the sports world to its core.

As you may know Boston has been known as “title town” in recent years.

And I think the sporting world, and the nation is unhappy with it. Here are a few examples of critical blown calls in huge games, in pivotal moments of those games, against Boston Teams.

Game 2 Eastern Conference Finals Against Heat

Clear foul on D-Wade against Rondo that completely changed the game and the series. Instead of 2 free throws at the line in a tie game the Heat get a fast break to go up by 2. The Heat go on to win that game and take a 2-0 lead on the Celtics in the series. The Heat go onto win that series 4-3. Who to blame?

Stern. Everyone knows about the NBA conspiracy theories, and if you don’t, you should read up on them. I’m not going to waist my time here (more than I already am) spelling them out to you. But the Boston Sports Conspiracy does not end here.

Patriots Broncos 2005 Playoffs

If you are a New England Sports fan you remember this game for its atrocious refereeing. Remember Champ Bailey’s 101 yard pick off, when Ben Watson chased Champ Bailey down at the one yard line and Bailey fumbled the ball out the back of the end zone, but it was ruled out at the one? I do.

Cleary a touchback. Big because the Patriots would of gotten the ball back at the 20 instead of the Broncos scoring a touchdown from one yard out.

Putin Steals Robert Krafts Super Bowl Ring

Putin, badass of the century, just ups and steals Krafts Super Bowl Ring. Trying to erase the Patriots Super Bowl Victory and make us “average” like the damn commie he is. But he is still just a pawn to the mastermind of this whole god damn operation.

Yes, that is Vladimir Putin.

Jets Patriots 2013

Recent example, obviously a stupid call. Read more about it here

Red Sox Cardinals Last Night

The Obstruction Call

Middle Brooks made a play on the ball and did all he could to get out of the basepath. The one footed gimp Allen Craig is just a huge cocksmooch and decided to make a Lebron Style Flop over Middlebrooks because he knows he is slow as shit. Jim Joyce again being the center of attention makes a stupid call.

(Rape Fruits, Solid Youtube Username Game)

Close Play

Another LeBron flop cause fuck him

Anyways, you see where I am going with this. The Sports world has been trying to screw Boston Sports sense we started winning everything. And to me there is only one reasonable explanation. The man who wants to make everyone equal…..

obama 3

Socialist Baphoon wants us all to be equal, well here is where we start. Everyone gets to win Championchips! Even stupid cities like St. Louis! He starts with universal healthcare reform, now sports world reform. Duck Obama.

Things we have learned from this blog:
1. Obama is at the source of every problem.
2. My Paint Skills are out of this world.
3. LeBron is a bitch

There you have it, the Boston Sports Conspiracy.