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Who the Celtics Should Take with Their First Pick

After a 94-80 loss last night to the Chicago Bulls the Celtics “tank” season is evident and they are in one last final push for as many losses as possible. The Celtics are now 23-51 and rank 5th in the “tank” standings. In other words they have the 5th worst record in the league. This has every Celtic’s fan across the country asking themselves, who should the Celtics take with their early draft pick in a very deep draft? Experts have the Celtics drafting Julius Randle out of Kentucky. But does move really make sense with the Celtics current roster?

The Celitcs already have Jared Sullinger who has been nothing short of magnificent this year. Not only has he been a beast on the boards with 8.2 rebounds per game, he has also contributed on the offensive end with nearly 13 points a game. Sullinger is nearly averaging a double-double per game, which is very impressive for a second year player on a struggling team. The Celtics also have rookie 7-0 center Kelly Olynyk on their roster. In many eyes Olynyk is in the running for Rookie of the Year. He averages nearly 8 points per game and 5 rebounds. Now do I believe Olynyk is the best rookie in the NBA this year? Of course not. Michael Carter-Williams is the best rookie in the NBA this year.

I am not saying Randle is not a great player in college, but I do not believe he has a high of ceiling as Jared Sullinger and I do not think he will be the offensive weapon Olynyk has the chance of being.

Now this leaves the question, who should the Celtics take with their draft pick? I have it narrowed down to three players, Dante Exum who plays in Australia, Doug McDermot from Creighton, and TJ Warren from NC State.

Exum is a 6’6 shooting guard out of Australia. He is a versatile player who can get to the rim according to NBA scouts.

Most basketball fans know about Doug McDermott, the pure scorer out of Creighton. Many knock McDermott for his lack of athleticism and the level of competition he played against during his college basketball career (excluding his senior year). I just don’t buy it. McDermott finished fifth all time in scoring in college with 3,150 points. He is first team all American for the third time in his career. He averaged 21 points per game throughout his career and shot over 50 percent from the field. People say he cannot match up with the physicality of the NBA and it will be hard for him to adjust? Well that runs true with every player coming out of college. The NBA is a whole different monster than the NCAA. But McDermott has size, he is 6’8 and 225 pounds.

TJ Warren may be the opposite of Doug McDermott. He can score, but only by getting to the rim as he struggles with his outside shot. He is a very athletic small forward who is a high energy defender. But with the Celtics wanting to stick with Rondo (who is not a score first point guard) it may be tough for them to put points on the board with another player whose main talent is not scoring the basketball. TJ Warren reminds me of Michael Kidd-Gilchrest of the Charlotte Bobcats.

If I had to choose one player to draft in the upcoming NBA draft I am going with Doug McDermott. Sure he will not be the most athletic of physically gifted player on the court but he can score. And with Rondo setting him up for open shots there is no telling how effective McDermott could be at putting the ball in the basket.


Rajon Rondo Skips Game to Party in L.A.

If you have been reading my Celtic’s blogs over the past season you will know I am one of the biggest Rondo supporters out there, but this really irritates me. Now I know Rondo was most likely not going to play as he does not usually play in back to back games. But Rondo was just named captain of this team and has expressed how he wants to be the face of this franchise. Well Rajon, captains of teams who want to be faces of the franchise do not skip games for parties. I can not even imagine Pierce pulling a move like this.

I do not care if you were not going to play, you make millions upon millions per year to play a game. And now you are getting paid millions upon millions to play half of those games and sit in street clothes for the other half and you skip a game for a party? Absolutely atrocious. People literally kill other people for the type of money Rondo is making and he skips a NBA game to go to a party. You have to wonder what was going through Rondo’s head when he makes a move like this. This is one of those moves that makes other teams so hesitant to make a move for him. And if you don’t think Stevens will come down on him hard for this than you do not know Brad Stevens.

Rondo is going to have to change his attitude towards the game if he ever wants to be taken seriously in this league. Rondo will need to learn from this and be a leader in the future which is something I still think he can do. Even though he has given the people every reason to doubt him.

Who Stays and Who Goes? Celtics Trade Deadline Preview

With the trade deadline only two days away, Celtics fans have to be wondering what this team is going to look like after Thursday, the 20th. The Celtics are in clear full blown rebuilding mode this season and are going to be sellers at the trade deadline. Who is staying, who is going? Lets get into it.

Rajon Rondo- Stays

There is no doubt in my mind Rajon Rondo is staying in Boston. Ainge has already came out and said he wants to build around Rondo, Sully, and Green. Ainge understands the importance of having a premier point guard in this league and he will throw as much money as possible at Rondo to keep him in the green.

Brandon Bass- Goes

With the Celtics being in full blown rebuilding mode, it does not make sense for the Celtics to hold onto Brandon Bass and his 6 million dollars he is owed by the end of the year? Rumors have it Bass and a pick may go to the Bobcats, where the name Michael Kidd-Gilchrest has been thrown around as a player we could receive. Bass could also end up in San Antonio and the Celtics would receive Matt Bonner. Bass may also end up on the Suns or Warriors. Bass will be moved by the trade deadline.

Jeff Green-Stays

There has been a lot of rumors swirling around Uncle Jeff and his trade value, but at the end of the day I see Jeff still bleeding green after this Thursday. Why? Because he has so much upside. Jeff drives Celtics fan crazy with his inconsistent play but Ainge and Stevens know he has the potential to be a very solid player in the NBA.

Gerald Wallace-Goes

Wallace has a 2 year 20 million dollar contract which is something the Celtics can just not afford at this point in time. Wallace has expressed frustration with the Celtics over the first half of the season. There is just no scenario where Wallace stays a Celtic. Teams who are making a playoff push would love to have his veteran leadership coming off their bench. A rumor has surfaced is the Celtics trade Wallace and Humphries to the Knicks for Amare Stoudemire. We could be sending off two massive contracts for one. I like this deal because I still feel like Amare can be a successful player in the NBA, he just needs to find the right role. Coming off the bench as a role player may be the right role for him.

Kris Humphries- Goes

Hump has played well this year, well enough to draw interest throughout the league. I have actually enjoyed watching him play this season after hating him for the first part of his career. He is a high volume rebounder who plays with a ton of energy. I will be sad to see Hump go but his 12 million dollar contract is just too much for the Celtics to eat. Like I said previously with Wallace Hump could end up as a New York Knick by Thursday. Another rumor is he could end up as a Bobcat as the Cats are trying to make the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. The Bobcats sit in the 8 seed at this moment.

Avery Bradley-Stays, For Now.

The main reason I believe Bradley will stay a Celtic is his trade value has gone down due to his new reputation as being “injury prone”. I am happy that the Celtics will be keeping him on board though. I do believe Bradley can stay healthy over a course of a season. He has just had bad luck in the past. The Rondo-Bradley guard duo will continue to grow throughout this season. What the Celtics will eventually do is let Bradley’s trade value grow and then eventually trade him in the offseason to make room for the new rookies the Celtics just drafted.

Keith Bogans- Goes

Bogans will most likely be thrown into one of the deals I discussed earlier as a contract dump as he has no real role on the Celtics at this time or in the future.

KG and Pierce Return to the Garden Tonight

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are returning to the Garden for the first time during the regular season. This will no doubt be an emotional event for Boston Sports Fans everywhere. Will people cry? They shouldn’t. “Crying is only acceptable at funerals and at the Grand Canyon”-Ron Swanson. But it will no doubt be a spectacular regular season NBA game (something that is very rare) as I expect both teams to leave it all out on the court. The city of Boston and true Celtics fans have nothing but respect for Pierce and KG and I expect a very warm welcome tonight. The game tips off at 6:30.

Should the Celtics Give Andrew Bynum a Shot?

Now I know how this sounds, every team who has tried to give Bynum a chance the past few seasons has walked away empty handed. Whether it be a season ending injury in Philadelphia, or Bynum just being a horrible teammate in Cleveland, every team that has given him a chance has been screwed by him.

That being said, I still believe Bynum can be a good player in this league. He is 7 feet tall and is well built. He can rebound and he can score in the post. Bynum has proved he can be a productive scorer, rebounder and defender in his 2011-2012 season with the Lakers before he went down with the knee injury that cost him his 2012-2013 season with the 76ers. Should the Celtics give him a big multiyear deal? Absolutely not. If he wants a big contract we forget about him. But if he is willing to take a Veteran Minimum contract or something among those lines can it really hurt for the Celtics to give him a chance in their rebuilding process. If his contract is small, there is so much upside and such little downside. I say give the guy a shot. What about you?

PS: The Heat are considered one of the front runners for Bynum at this point. If he goes to the Heat and becomes the star player people thought he could be, the rest of the NBA should just all start rebuilding because nobody will compete with them for at least 5 years.

The Celtics Should be Buyers, Not Sellers

Trade rumors have been circulating that consist of sending Rajon Rondo to the Sacramento Kings for Demarcus Cousins, Ben McLemore, Isiah Thomas, and a first round draft pick.

This trade makes no sense to me. Why would the Celtics trade Rajon Rondo if you are looking to rebuild. He is a guy you can rebuild your team around! The point guard position has arguably become the most important position in basketball and Rajon Rondo is one of the best point guards in the league. It’s not like Rondo is aging like Paul Pierce (36), he is only 27 years old! He still has 6-7 years of great basketball ahead of him.

Does Danny Ainge not notice that this team is improving by the game as it is? The Celtics just came off a huge win against a very good Timber Wolves team, in which they looked very strong. The only piece this team is missing in the puzzle is a point guard, and Rondo will fill that void. This team is only improving. If it is not broken there is no need to fix it. It comes down to this: you do not need to trade Rondo to rebuild, you need to keep Rondo to rebuild.

What the Celtics should do is aquire Omir Asik from the Houston Rockets, which is another trade rumor they have been involved in. The Rockets have already said they will trade him, they just need to find a suitable buyer. So why not the Celtics? Omir is only 27 years old, so he fits into the Celtics rebuilding plan. He is one of the best defensive centers in Basketball, and he would be joining the Celtics 6th ranked defense. Now toss Rondo into that defense to go along with Asik and Avery Bradley, and you have the best defense in the league.

The bottom line is the Celtics should not be sellers, they should be buyers.