Love Actually?

The Celtics will figure out where they stand in this year’s NBA draft tomorrow, but before then we have been left with speculation on what this team will look like in a mere few months. One rumor that has been floating around the internet today is the idea of bringing star forward Kevin Love to Boston.

Kevin Love has told the Timberwolves, who he currently plays for, that he wants out of Minnesota via trade or he will leave in free agency in the summer of 2015. This leaves Minnesota scrambling as they want to get something in return when Love inevitably leaves. Love would bring a strong post presence to Boston. Love averaged 26 points and 12 rebounds this season for the Timberwolves, and has averaged 19 points and 12 rebounds over his 6 year career. But Love is not just a post threat and a beast on the boards, he can also step out and knock down the three. Love is shooting over .300 percent from behind the arc in his career.

Now how does a player like Kevin Love fit into the Celtics rebuilding regime? Well its quite simple really, if Kevin Love comes to Boston the rebuilding regime will end. By that I mean the Celtics will become immediate finals contenders with Love. Love is a star player who you can build a team around. Pair him up with Rajon Rondo and you have a solid 1-2 punch. And if the Celtics acquire Love, you will have to imagine they will pursue a big free agent this summer to build a new “big 3”.

The Celtics will likely have to give up a lot in order to receive Love’s services. This deal will most likely require the Celtics to give up either Jared Sullinger, Avery Bradley, or Kelly Olynyk, along with a few picks the Celtics have acquired over the past few seasons. Now this may seem like a steep price to pay but Kevin Love is a superstar, none of the three players I listed above are that, or will ever be that. The deal I believe will happen is Sullinger, Bradley, and the Celtics 2014 draft pick which they acquired when they sent Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to Brooklyn. If the Celtics do indeed dish off Bradley and do not end up with a top 3 pick in this years draft, expect the Celtics to draft Dante Exum from Australia with their lottery pick.


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