The Donald Sterling Saga

Today, Donald Sterling received a life time ban from Commissioner Adam Silver along with a 2.5 million dollar fine. Sterling is also being forced to sell the Los Angeles Clippers. Adam Silver acted correctly today. Sterling is a racist and a bigot and he does not belong in today’s world of sports. That being said, if and when Sterling takes this to court, the NBA and Adam Silver have no shot at keeping Sterling out of the NBA.

Under California’s Penal Code 632 it states that no one can be “recorded without their knowledge” (if you want to read the whole law click here). Now as you may know Sterling’s girlfriend, known as V.Stiviano recorded Sterling inside his own home and without his. This means Sterling is protected under California’s Penal Code 632, which means this piece of evidence should be unusable in the court of law.

Now the NBA could still go after Sterling for displaying a history of racism. Former NBA player Elgin Baylor once accused Sterling of racial discrimination. Sterling also had a run in with Hispanic and African American renters at one of his buildings. Sterling was trying to kick these tenants out. He eventually reached a three million dollar settlement.
To reiterate I am not trying to defend Donald Sterling. He is a bad man and he does not belong in the NBA or any major sporting league. But if he is protected by the law, which he is, you cannot find him “guilty” because you do not like him.

“Everyone has a right to a fair trial” as it says in the Sixth Amendment.

You cannot enforce laws on some people and then choose not to enforce laws on others. That is not how this country was founded. Now I am not stupid, this happens in the world every day. But it shouldn’t.

Now there are other ways to hurt Sterling. Corporate sponsors should continue to leave him. Players should demand out of their contracts. Make the Los Angeles Clippers the least valuable franchise in all of sports. Make it so Sterling is actually losing money by holding onto them. Make it so Sterling is forced to sell. That is the only way to get this bigot out of the front office with the Los Angeles Clippers, because any defendant of Sterling will be able to see that this evidence was obtained illegally.


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