Northwestern Players Allowed to Unionize

An Illinois judge has granted the right to allow Northwestern players unionize. This is a huge step in the direction of college athletes getting paid for playing college sports. But is the idea of college athletes getting paid really a good idea? First off many college athletes already receive scholarships to play their respective sport. This could cover a 20,000 per semester fee at a large university at Alabama. According to the NCAA 96 percent of its revenue is returned to schools throughout the country. Obviously if colleges start paying their players the NCAA will start to receive less money which means they will have less money to give out academic and sports scholarships. College players getting paid to play will also kill Cinderella. Large Universities such as Florida will be able to offer players large contracts while smaller schools like Mercer will not. This will lead to a very unbalanced league. Picture March Madness without upsets, depressing right? It will hurt all four major NCAA leagues.

Now I am not completely against the idea of college athletes getting paid. Along with their scholarships if they received 10,000 dollars a season I do not think it would hurt the NCAA’s revenue or the unbalance the level playing field. It should keep the players happy and end this drama once and for all. Anything above 10,000 dollars we will be sliding down a slippery slope.


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