The Vince Wilfork Saga Continues

By now as long as you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few weeks you have heard the story of Vince Wilfork. Wilfork has been the boulder in the middle of the Patriots defense since 2004. After singing Darelle Revis the Patriots have been searching for cap space. A way to do this is to restructure the 32 year old Wilfork’s contract. Doing this would allow the Patriots to pursue another weapon for Tom Brady to play with, possibly Kenny Britt? Wilfork is coming off an Achilles that cost him to miss almost the whole 2013 season. Yesterday Robert Kraft expressed that he wants to keep Wilfork as he is one of his “personnel favorites”. In the same day the story that Wilfork’s locker had already been cleaned out and his name plate had been ripped off by him had also emerged.

Now I love watching Big Vince clog up the middle of the field on any given Sunday as much as the next guy, but the Patriots are right here. A 32 year old, 325 pound defensive tackle coming off a major injury is not worth a large contract. Vince needs to realize that he is not going to make big money anywhere else, especially in an offseason where many star players have been cut already (Ware, Revis). Wilfork needs to work with Kraft and restructure. I guarantee Kraft will still give him a bigger contract than any other GM in the league. Wilfork needs to look in the mirror and realize the situation and where he is at in his career. If not then as much as it hurts to say it is time to say goodbye to Vince Wilfork.


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