Desean Jackson to the Patriots?

The New England Patriots have reportedly talking with the Philadelphia Eagles about a possible trade that would bring Desean Jackson to New England for a 3rd round pick. If you ask me this is a low price to pay for Desean Jackson because he truly is one of the unique talents of the league. I’d give up a first rounder for him and wouldn’t think twice about it. He can outrun almost anyone which makes him a very dangerous vertical threat, something the Patriots desperately need. But he can also run the short routes and be a possession receiver because he is so quick off the line. He also may be the most dangerous special team’s weapon in the league today.

The question I have though is if we bring in Jackson, what does the Patriots wide receiving core look like? They would have Edelman, LaFell, Amendola, Dobson, Thompkins, Boyce, and Jackson in theory. You would have to assume they would cut at least one of those guys. My best guess would be Boyce and Thompkins would both be packing their bags if the Patriots do in fact acquire Desean Jackson from the Eagles.

The 49ers have also been in contact with the Eagles about Jackson’s availability.


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