Revis Signs with Patriots

The Patriots have reached a 1 year 12 million dollar deal with Darrelle Revis. This is a great deal for the Patriots because if Revis ends up not being able to come back from his ACL injury he suffered two years ago then we can let him walk. If not we can resign him for a long term deal. It will be fun to see Revis Island in a Patriots uniform. What is the over/under on how many times Revis picks of Geno? It has to be 8 right? If it is 8 I am going with the over. This is a huge move by the Patriots because Revis has so much upside and if he returns to his prior form the Patriots Defense may be a force to be reckon with once again.

Next up is Jared Allen to solidify the pass rush and put pressure on the quarterback which will give Revis even more opportunities to make plays. Then we bring back Edelmen. After that we will see the Seahawks in February.


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