Aqib Talib Signs with the Denver Broncos

Star Patriots corner back has reached a 6 year 57 million dollar deal with…. the Denver Broncos. The Broncos are stacking up on the defensive side of the ball by adding Talib and former Browns safety TJ Ward earlier in the day. You may remember the name TJ Ward because he is the one who put the hit on Rob Gronkowski last season and blew out his ACL.

What does this mean for the Patriots? It means the Patriots desperately need to land former Jets and current Buccaneers corner back Darelle Revis. The Buccaneers are either expected to trade Revis or let him go later this week. The Patriots need to be on the other side of this move to intercept him before he finds a new team. The only problem with this move is how much is Darelle Revis really worth? He had a down year last year after coming off an ACL injury but he still will command a big pay day because he does still have a lot of upside, we all saw what he did with the Jets. It is a high risk high reward move for the Patriots and I don’t know if it is a risk Kraft and Belichick will be willing to take. Either way look for a move by the Patriots either today or tomorrow.


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