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Northwestern Players Allowed to Unionize

An Illinois judge has granted the right to allow Northwestern players unionize. This is a huge step in the direction of college athletes getting paid for playing college sports. But is the idea of college athletes getting paid really a good idea? First off many college athletes already receive scholarships to play their respective sport. This could cover a 20,000 per semester fee at a large university at Alabama. According to the NCAA 96 percent of its revenue is returned to schools throughout the country. Obviously if colleges start paying their players the NCAA will start to receive less money which means they will have less money to give out academic and sports scholarships. College players getting paid to play will also kill Cinderella. Large Universities such as Florida will be able to offer players large contracts while smaller schools like Mercer will not. This will lead to a very unbalanced league. Picture March Madness without upsets, depressing right? It will hurt all four major NCAA leagues.

Now I am not completely against the idea of college athletes getting paid. Along with their scholarships if they received 10,000 dollars a season I do not think it would hurt the NCAA’s revenue or the unbalance the level playing field. It should keep the players happy and end this drama once and for all. Anything above 10,000 dollars we will be sliding down a slippery slope.


The Vince Wilfork Saga Continues

By now as long as you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few weeks you have heard the story of Vince Wilfork. Wilfork has been the boulder in the middle of the Patriots defense since 2004. After singing Darelle Revis the Patriots have been searching for cap space. A way to do this is to restructure the 32 year old Wilfork’s contract. Doing this would allow the Patriots to pursue another weapon for Tom Brady to play with, possibly Kenny Britt? Wilfork is coming off an Achilles that cost him to miss almost the whole 2013 season. Yesterday Robert Kraft expressed that he wants to keep Wilfork as he is one of his “personnel favorites”. In the same day the story that Wilfork’s locker had already been cleaned out and his name plate had been ripped off by him had also emerged.

Now I love watching Big Vince clog up the middle of the field on any given Sunday as much as the next guy, but the Patriots are right here. A 32 year old, 325 pound defensive tackle coming off a major injury is not worth a large contract. Vince needs to realize that he is not going to make big money anywhere else, especially in an offseason where many star players have been cut already (Ware, Revis). Wilfork needs to work with Kraft and restructure. I guarantee Kraft will still give him a bigger contract than any other GM in the league. Wilfork needs to look in the mirror and realize the situation and where he is at in his career. If not then as much as it hurts to say it is time to say goodbye to Vince Wilfork.

Desean Jackson to the Patriots?

The New England Patriots have reportedly talking with the Philadelphia Eagles about a possible trade that would bring Desean Jackson to New England for a 3rd round pick. If you ask me this is a low price to pay for Desean Jackson because he truly is one of the unique talents of the league. I’d give up a first rounder for him and wouldn’t think twice about it. He can outrun almost anyone which makes him a very dangerous vertical threat, something the Patriots desperately need. But he can also run the short routes and be a possession receiver because he is so quick off the line. He also may be the most dangerous special team’s weapon in the league today.

The question I have though is if we bring in Jackson, what does the Patriots wide receiving core look like? They would have Edelman, LaFell, Amendola, Dobson, Thompkins, Boyce, and Jackson in theory. You would have to assume they would cut at least one of those guys. My best guess would be Boyce and Thompkins would both be packing their bags if the Patriots do in fact acquire Desean Jackson from the Eagles.

The 49ers have also been in contact with the Eagles about Jackson’s availability.

Edelman and Browner Sign with Patriots

The Patriots have reached an agreement with Julian Edelman to keep him in Foxboro. This is a huge move for the Patriots because they have been building up their defense in particular their secondary this offseason by adding Revis and Browner (we will get to that later). This move brings Brady’s favorite target last season (103 catches) and brings back the 3rd ranked offense in the league. Oh and we will have Gronk back this year also. You have to love the loyalty of Julian Edelman.

The Patriots also signed free agent Brandon Browner to a three year, 17 million dollar year. Browner is a 6’4 corner back who lock down almost any wide receiver in the NFL. But with the Patriots already having the Logan Ryan/Alfonzo Dennard corner back combo do the Patriots move Browner to safety to replace Steve Gregory? He certantly has the height to do so and the Patriots have the depth at cornerback to afford to move Browner to safety. This would also allow the Patriots to draft Jace Amaro at tight end to compliment Gronk on offense instead of drafting safety Ha-Ha Clint-Dix. Browner will have to serve a 4 game suspension at the start of the year for PED use.

Revis Signs with Patriots

The Patriots have reached a 1 year 12 million dollar deal with Darrelle Revis. This is a great deal for the Patriots because if Revis ends up not being able to come back from his ACL injury he suffered two years ago then we can let him walk. If not we can resign him for a long term deal. It will be fun to see Revis Island in a Patriots uniform. What is the over/under on how many times Revis picks of Geno? It has to be 8 right? If it is 8 I am going with the over. This is a huge move by the Patriots because Revis has so much upside and if he returns to his prior form the Patriots Defense may be a force to be reckon with once again.

Next up is Jared Allen to solidify the pass rush and put pressure on the quarterback which will give Revis even more opportunities to make plays. Then we bring back Edelmen. After that we will see the Seahawks in February.

Aqib Talib Signs with the Denver Broncos

Star Patriots corner back has reached a 6 year 57 million dollar deal with…. the Denver Broncos. The Broncos are stacking up on the defensive side of the ball by adding Talib and former Browns safety TJ Ward earlier in the day. You may remember the name TJ Ward because he is the one who put the hit on Rob Gronkowski last season and blew out his ACL.

What does this mean for the Patriots? It means the Patriots desperately need to land former Jets and current Buccaneers corner back Darelle Revis. The Buccaneers are either expected to trade Revis or let him go later this week. The Patriots need to be on the other side of this move to intercept him before he finds a new team. The only problem with this move is how much is Darelle Revis really worth? He had a down year last year after coming off an ACL injury but he still will command a big pay day because he does still have a lot of upside, we all saw what he did with the Jets. It is a high risk high reward move for the Patriots and I don’t know if it is a risk Kraft and Belichick will be willing to take. Either way look for a move by the Patriots either today or tomorrow.

Julian Edelman to Test Free Agency

If you are a Patriots fan this is a move you cannot be a fan of. Julian Edelman is a definition of a Patriots player because he will do anything for your team if it puts them in a better position to win. He will return punts, he will play defensive back, and he is a very good wide receiver and he showed that last year. With Edelman basically being the focal point of the Patriots passing offense he managed to have 105 receptions for 1,056 yards and 6 touchdowns.

Now this does not mean Julian will necessarily leave the Patriots. It just means other teams around the league can offer him contracts. The bad part about this is teams will most likely offer him more money than the Patriots. Will he stay? Will he go? That I do not know. But you would think Kraft and Belichick would learn from last years Wes Welker departure and pay Edelman.