Rajon Rondo Skips Game to Party in L.A.

If you have been reading my Celtic’s blogs over the past season you will know I am one of the biggest Rondo supporters out there, but this really irritates me. Now I know Rondo was most likely not going to play as he does not usually play in back to back games. But Rondo was just named captain of this team and has expressed how he wants to be the face of this franchise. Well Rajon, captains of teams who want to be faces of the franchise do not skip games for parties. I can not even imagine Pierce pulling a move like this.

I do not care if you were not going to play, you make millions upon millions per year to play a game. And now you are getting paid millions upon millions to play half of those games and sit in street clothes for the other half and you skip a game for a party? Absolutely atrocious. People literally kill other people for the type of money Rondo is making and he skips a NBA game to go to a party. You have to wonder what was going through Rondo’s head when he makes a move like this. This is one of those moves that makes other teams so hesitant to make a move for him. And if you don’t think Stevens will come down on him hard for this than you do not know Brad Stevens.

Rondo is going to have to change his attitude towards the game if he ever wants to be taken seriously in this league. Rondo will need to learn from this and be a leader in the future which is something I still think he can do. Even though he has given the people every reason to doubt him.


2 thoughts on “Rajon Rondo Skips Game to Party in L.A.

  1. L. Alger

    It really seemed he had turned a page this year with the departure of the leaders of this team and his mentors KG and Pierce. He seemed engaged on the bench when he was injured and never had any spats with Stevens. I still hope we hold onto him during this rebuilding phase as I think he’s one of the most uniquely talented players in the league, but this isn’t promising.

    1. stew19 Post author

      I agree his jump shot is coming around it seems which could make Rondo one of the most versatile players in the league. Lets just hope this works out.


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