Jimmer Fredette to the Celtics?

Multiple sources have been reporting Jimmer Fredette will be bought out by the Sacramento Kings by the end of the day, leaving him a free agent. Now if you are not familiar with Jimmer, he is just a snip it of what he can do to a game.

Now I know the NBA is a completely different monster and Jimmer has not been the same player he was in college, but the guy can still play. Jimmer has a 3pt field goal percentage of over 40 percent this season. I think he can be a very effective role player with the Celtics. Also, with Bradley likely heading for free agency and Bayless being a mid to low level at the best type guard why not take a chance on Jimmer? Also with the style of offense Rondo runs in the drive and dish, Jimmer could get a lot of open looks from three point land and I would only expect his 3pt percentage to rise on the Celtics. If that is not enough to convince you Jimmer could wind up a Celtic, Danny Ainge was also a stand out guard at BYU, just like Jimmer. Jimmer will wind up on the Celtics and it is going to be fun to watch.


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