Openly Gay NBA Player Jason Collins Sign with the Brooklyn Nets

For those of you who have never heard the name Jason Collins he is a 7’0 big man that has played on multiple teams throughout his career. His most recent stop was in Boston with the Celtics. Collins was let go at the start of last summer by Boston. Then Collins did something bold, he came out to the world via an SI Cover Story and told everyone he is a gay man. Since then, Collins has remained a free agent… until now.

Collins has reportedly inked a 10 day contract with the Brooklyn Nets. This is a historic move in the United States Of America because this will make Collins the first active openly gay athlete in America. Collins is breaking down the wall on something that should be a non issue this day in age. Collins will give the Nets a 11th or 12th man that can anchor a defense with his size alone. But Collins will also bring a media fire storm with him which may be why teams were so hesitant to sign him in the first place. Will Collins remain on the Nets after his 10 day contract expires? Only time will tell. But today is a historic day for the NBA and the United States of America.


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