The Battle of North America; Olympic Hockey Preview

Team USA and Team Canada face off at noon tomorrow for what can be considered the “Battle for North America”. This should be a national holiday across the country. Work should be called off, schools should be canceled. I mean we cancel for days that no one cares about (Presidents Day) so why not give America a holiday where we can watch America kick the life out of Canada? Dominate them in their number one sport. And yes I do believe the U.S of A will put Canada in their place tomorrow and leave them with more self-doubt 40 year old Market Basket Bagger who really never did live up to their potential.

Team USA is led by Chicago Blackhawks All Star Patrick Kane. Alongside Kane is former Bruins star and current day Toronto Maple Leafs player Phil Kessel. In case you missed it earlier in the week Kane said Kessell is “probably the best guy I have ever played with”. These guys like playing alongside each other and it is fun to watch. Unsung hero of these Olympic Games for Team U.S.A Johnny Quick will be minding the net for this one. Quick has only let in 6 goals through 4 games during the span of these Olympics and played a huge role in the win over Russia but it was over shadowed by TJ Oshie’s historical shootout performance. Quick saved 5 of 8 shootout goals he faced and also had 29 saves on 31 shots he faced.

Team Canada comes stumbling in after avoiding a major upset by the hands of Lativa. Their offense is led by Sidney Crosby (Jabroni). There net is protected by Roberto Luongo, otherwise known as “Lebrongo” because he always chokes in key moments.

The stage is set. This is the game everybody across North America and the world wanted to see. Time to put Canada back in their place. And remember my fellow Americans: Rock, Flag, and Eagle.

Prediction: Team U.S.A wins 3-2.


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