Michael Sam Becomes First Active Openly Homosexual NFL Player

At first I did not want to even write about this because to me it is such a non story. But the mass media is having a field day with it so I thought I mine as well chime in. Anyone who still has a problem with a persons sexual orientation in 2014 needs to grow up. The only people who actually care Michael Sam is homosexual are religious wackos and downright intolerant people.

Unfortunately something like this can and I believe will hurt Michael Sam’s chances of making an NFL roster. Not because he is homosexual, but because the media firestorm he will bring to the locker room. We saw how fragile a monster an NFL locker room is this year with the Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin scandal. After that story broke loose the Dolphins basically imploded. So every team will look twice at drafting Michael Sam due to the off field distractions he will bring. But that is not on Michael Sam, he did the right thing. It will be on the mass media who are already making a bigger deal than this is.


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