Should the NFL Allow the Use of Medicinal Marijuana?

If you did not watch either video above commissioner Roger Godell said the NFL will start to look into the benefits of Medical Marijuana. He wants his team to look into the possibility of Medicinal Marijuana being beneficial for concussions, an injury that is so common in the NFL.

Do I like this idea? Of course I do. If it is going to help players nurse injuries and stay away from pharmaceutical drugs that are addictive then it couldn’t hurt. But do I see it happening in the next 10 years? Absolutely not. There are still a few obstacles to overcome. The first being that Medicinal Marijuana is not legal throughout the country. For example if a Houston Texans player wanted to use Medicinal Marijuana to help with an injury, he could not at this time even if the NFL did allow it. It would still be illegal in the state of Texas therefore he could be apprehended for it. But a player in Seattle could because Marijuana is legal in the state of Washington. Secondly there is no evidence that Medicinal Marijuana can actually help heal injuries. I feel like some people over estimate the power of Medicinal Marijuana. Can it help ease an injured players pain? Yes it can. Is it going to magically repair Navaro Bowman’s torn ACL? No it will not. But if Medicinal Marijuana will keep players away from dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and help ease the pain of their nagging injuries, then there is no reason Medicinal Marijuana should be banned from the NFL, or illegal in any state across the nation.


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