Sorry Pey-Pey; Super Bowl Recap

pey pey

Well that was a tad bit disappointing. Sure it was great seeing Pey-Pey get his face stomped in by the Seahawks D aka the Legion of Boom but I was hoping for a closer game than that. Just complete and total domination by the Seahawks on both sides of the ball. Wilson made the big throws when the Seahawks needed them and the defense put pressure on Manning which forced him to throw the ducks that I have become accustomed of seeing from Manning as of late.

Unless Manning comes out and wins two Super Bowls in his what will most likely be his final two years Peyton will never be considered the best quarterback of all time. He will never be considered better than Tom Brady. Peyton is 1-2 in Super Bowls and 11-12 in the playoffs. He simply can not win when it matters most. Every record he broke means diddly squat now because he could not win when it mattered most. Peyton got embarrassed tonight.

Joe Namaths coat was on point.

Another thing, how bad were the commercials this year? I thought they were absolutely horrible. There was maybe one commercial I laughed at and that was when Rudy was doing the slow clap. That’s it. They were all emotional. Don’t get me wrong some of them were really cool like when the soldier returned and the town greeted him and what not. But others like the one about Detroit were just awful. Uh your city is bankrupt who the hell is paying for this? And saying Asians can make our phones and we can make the cars was borderline racist as well. Terrible effort on the commercials today. After awhile I don’t really want to see emotional commercials on what is supposed to be a fun event. I watch football because I enjoy it and have fun doing it, not because I want to be sad. Grade F-.

Budweiser commercial with the horse and the dog was great though.

The halftime show was brutal as well. I will still never get why they continue to bring in pop singers when the NFL’s main demographic is men. So stupid. I’d don’t want to see Bruno Mars on stage jumping around. I want to see some real music. Give me a classic rock band any day over these jabronis. Or give me some country. Please stop shoving guys like Bruno Mars down our throats, its sickening.

All in all the Super Bowl was still fun to watch and its still the best day of the year. Too bad we have to wait 8 months to watch another game. Life sucks again.


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