Ortiz Wants a Multi Year Deal from the Redsox or he May Leave

Boston Globe- Red Sox DH/warrior-poet David Ortiz is the final year of a two-year, $30 million contract, and as such he’s angling for a new pact. The rub is that Ortiz, even at age 38, wants a multiyear deal. Will the Sox oblige? That of course remains to be seen, but Big Papi is raising the stakes by suggesting that, yes, if not given the security he seeks, then he would be willing to play elsewhere.

I feel like Big Papi is just blowing smoke in the air. No way he will leave the Red Sox for a new team, and there is no way the Sox should sign him to a multi year deal. Don’t get me wrong, what Papi has done for this organization is nothing short of remarkable and he will go down as one of the best Red Sox players of all time. But he is 38 years old. You do not want to sign a guy to a 3 year deal when by the time it is over he is 41. What the Red Sox should do is either offer him a one year extension on his current contract or just keep offering him 1 year deals after his contract expires. No way Papi switches sides this late in his career.


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