KG and Pierce’s Tribute Videos at the Garden Last Night

Man it’s dusty in here. KG and Pierce returned to the Garden last night and it was emotional as you would think it would be. It was hard seeing those guys in a color other than green. Both of them will always be Celtics and the Celtics revealed they have two places to retire their numbers after both their illustrious careers come to an end.

But last night got me thinking, why in the world did we trade these guys? I know we were looking into the future and what is best for the team but I think we got it all wrong. I would rather have 2 more years with Pierce and KG and have to rebuild for 10 years after than the way we did it by shipping them to the Brooklyn Nets. It is almost a no brainer to me after last night. We will never be able to replace Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett. What they brought to this organization was special. They had heart and they truly loved this team, something that is so rare now of days with players who jump around from team to team. No first round picks will ever bring what Pierce and KG brought to this team. If you don’t agree with me after last night than I don’t know what is wrong with you. Pierce and KG should still be in green right now and they should of been given the opportunity to retire with this team after all they did for this city.

And I mean this especially for Paul Pierce. There are few Boston athletes that are beloved as Paul Pierce. Pierce will go down as one of the best Celtics of all time and their is no question about this. I’m sorry Ainge, but you got it wrong sending these guys away.


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