Cease-Fire in Kiev; More Violence Looms

KIEV, Ukraine — After another night of clashes, protesters battling the police in the Ukrainian capital agreed to a temporary cease-fire on Thursday as opposition leaders planned to attend a second round of negotiations with President Viktor F. Yanukovich.

More than three hours of face-to-face talks on Wednesday afternoon yielded no progress and the opposition leaders have threatened an escalation of violence if Mr. Yanukovich does not agree to early presidential elections or make another major concession.

Earlier in the week, the three main opposition leaders — Vitali Klitschko of the Udar Party, Arseniy P. Yatsenyuk of the Fatherland Party, and Oleg Tyagnibok of the nationalist Svoboda Party — had spoken out against the violence, and urged continued peaceful protest focused on presidential elections scheduled for February 2015.

At least two people have died in the fighting between the riot police units, called by their Ukrainian name the Berkut, and protesters.

On Wednesday, however, after the fruitless initial round of talks with Mr. Yanukovich and other senior officials, the leaders said they were prepared to embrace the violent uprising. They issued an ultimatum, demanding a concession from Mr. Yanukovich within 24 hours. (New York Times)

For those of you interested in reading the full story written by the New York Times you can read it here.

Now this is not usually my place so I am not going to my opinion on the actual riots taking place in Kiev. The reason I posted this is while most of America has their heads up their ass looking to see what is next in the “Justin Bieber Scandal”, informed Americans should have their eyes on this. This is not just a riot anymore, it is a revolution.


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