Should the Celtics Trade Jeff Green?

The Celtics fell to an abysmal 14-29 last night after losing to a D-Wadeless Miami Heat. To make matters worse, Avery Bradley was hurt in the process. Now if you have been reading my articles at all for the past 2 months you would know that I am the farthest thing away from a “tanker”. No team should ever tank under any circumstances, it is Un-American. That being said, the Celtics don’t need to tank to end up with one of the worst records in the NBA, because they are simply not that good, and the loss of Avery Bradley should end any playoff chances the Celtics had. Now with the Celtics most likely end up in the bottom 5 in the league, and could very likely end up with Jeremy Wiggins who is a Small Forward. And if that happens it raises the question, what do the Celtics do with Jeff Green?

Here me out here. You bring a guy in like Andrew Wiggins (18 years old) to be the future of your team. An athletic freak of nature like Wiggins can be a super star in the NBA once he gets a little playing experience under his belt. This means Wiggins needs to start, which means you need to trade Jeff Green.

The Rockets have already expressed interest in Green. Rumor has it the Celtics will send Green to Houston for a 1st round pick and Omir Asik. Normally I would hate this, but I have seen enough of the Boston Celtics to know they are not winning dirt this season. Ainge has basically already given up on this season with the moves he has made. Even a blind man could see this. So why not build for next season? Another 1st round pick cannot hurt the Celtics, it can only help them. This move would give the Celtics 3 first round picks this year. Not to mention Asik is one of the best defensive centers in the league, something the Celtics desperately need.

As much as it would hurt me to see Uncle Jeff depart, it may be the right move for the Celtics at this time.


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