Bill Belichick Rips Wes Welker

Bill Belichick is calling this “one of the worst plays I have ever seen” and a “deliberate hit on Aqib to take him out of the game”.

I want to start this off by asking this. How was that play not flagged? Deliberate hit to hurt Talib or not he clearly picked Talib and took him out of the play. The Patriots got called for that yesterday, why didn’t Welker and the Broncos?

Now onto Belichicks statement. Look, I love Belichick and I believe he is the best coach in NFL history. But he is wrong here. This was not a deliberate hit to take out Talib. If it was why would you send your 5’8 receiver who is concussion prone? If they wanted to hurt Talib they would of send a big guy like Julius Thomas to do their dirty work, not Wes Welker. Unfortunately for the Patriots, Talib was the one injury they could not overcome on defense and this injury may of cost them the game.


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