Celtics Destroy Themselves; Set Heat Up for Reign of Dominance

The Celtics have traded guards Jordan Crawford and MarShon Brooks to the Golden State Warriors in a three-team deal that will send Toney Douglas to the Miami Heat and Joel Anthony and two draft picks to Boston. (ESPN)

With this deal, the Heat have potentially freed up 15 million dollars in cap space. What does that mean? LeBron is a free agent this summer. This deal will give the Heat more money to throw at him which will keep him in the Eastern Conference and keep the Heat dominant for many years to come. The Heat also received Tony Douglas from the Warriors, who is a solid point guard who will help the Heat off the bench.

The Celtics traded Jordan Crawford, who is having a career year. They also traded MarShon Brooks, who has been heralded as a “true scorer” by many coaches and scouts. We lost 7 million dollars because we had to take Joel Anthony off the Heats hands. So my question is this. If rebuilding is Ainge’s strategy, which it clearly is, why send off a great young talent like Brooks and a competitor like Crawford? You will most likely not find players of this caliber in the second round of the NBA draft. And also, why are we bringing back Rondo this year if Ainge has no desire to win? Why risk the injury? Absolutely horrible.

The Celtics received a PROTECTED lottery pick from the 76ers. What does that mean? It means that the Celtics will only get the pick if the 76ers finish outside of the lottery. How are the 76ers doing? They are 12-25, last in the Atlantic Division. After two years this pick becomes a second rounder. The Celtics also received a 2016 round pick from the Heat, who in all likelihood hold onto LeBron with their new cap space and finish with one of the best records in the NBA for years to come. So in the end, we helped build up the Heat and got two second round draft picks, sweet deal Ainge.


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