Rajon Rondo Hints at Returning Friday Against the Lakers


338 days, eight hours, and 23 minutes. If you take the time Rondo had surgery to repair his torn ACL (February 13th at 11:07 a.m.) and add that time period, you get…. Friday at 7:30 p.m which just happens to be the exact time the Celtics are scheduled to tip off at home vs. the Los Angeles Lakers. (CBS Sports)

Well now this 9 game winning streak doesn’t seem so bad. The return of Rondo is absolutely huge for this team. And if you think Rondo wants to come back to “tank” you are out of your mind. Rondo wants to come back so he can win. He wants to come back to become the on floor leader of this team. He wants to lead this team out of the gallows of the lower Eastern Conference back into the playoffs. And he will do just that. Sure, the Celtics may have lost 9 in a row, but they won’t be close to the bottom for long.

One more thing I would like to address, the Celtics losing streak is not the end of the world. Sure, losing 9 games in a row is never a good thing, but you really need to take a look at the teams they were playing. They played the Blazers and only lost by 6. They played the Warriors and only lost by 2. They also have lost to the Thunder, Rockets, Nuggets, Clippers, Pelicans, and the Atlanta Hawks (East). The only easy team they have lost too throughout this whole losing streak is the Derrick Rose-less Bulls. That’s it. Other than that their games have been against the better teams in the West. So to all you “tank birds” who keep jumping on and off the bandwagon, its time for you to stay off. Once Rondo comes back and the Celtics start winning again, we don’t need your fair-weather fan hood around here.


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