Shades of Al Bundy; Patriots Colts Recap

LeGarrete Blount stole the show on Saturday and ran all over the Colts. He racked up 166 yards on the ground and 4 touchdowns. Yes you read that right, 4 touchdowns. Shades of Al Bundy right?

The Patriots absolutely dominated the Colts on the ground. To go along with Blounts 166 yards, Ridley added 52 yards and two touchdowns of his own. Vereen also ran for 17 yards giving the Patriots a total of 235 yards and 6 touchdowns on the ground.

Tom Brady had the highest passer rating in NFL playoff history for quarterbacks who did not throw a touchdown in the game. He completed 6 third down conversions throwing the ball. Whenever they needed him, he was there. He made big play after big play to keep the drives alive and give Blount and Ridley a chance to keep pounding the ball up the middle. If don’t consider Brady’s performance Saturday clutch then you do not know what clutch is.

The Patriots Defense had a day as well. Alfonso Dennard had two picks, including one on the Colts opening drive that he returned to the one yard line leading to a Blount touchdown. But the biggest story coming out of this game for the Patriots defense was the emergence of Line Backer Jamie Collins. Collins sacked Luck once and picked him off once. He was all over the field and really stepped up when the D needed him most. Hightower added a pick as well giving the Patriots 4 total interceptions on the day.

Overall it was a dominate performance by the Patriots and a abysmal performance by the Colts. The Patriots never trailed throughout the game and the Colts could not stop them on defense, and Luck could not avoid making the big mistake of offense. The Patriots will face the Denver Broncos in Denver on Sunday at 3 pm for the AFC Championship and for a Super Bowl birth. Brady vs. Manning, does it really get any better? Full preview of this historic AFC Championship Matchup coming Thursday.


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