Should the Celtics Give Andrew Bynum a Shot?

Now I know how this sounds, every team who has tried to give Bynum a chance the past few seasons has walked away empty handed. Whether it be a season ending injury in Philadelphia, or Bynum just being a horrible teammate in Cleveland, every team that has given him a chance has been screwed by him.

That being said, I still believe Bynum can be a good player in this league. He is 7 feet tall and is well built. He can rebound and he can score in the post. Bynum has proved he can be a productive scorer, rebounder and defender in his 2011-2012 season with the Lakers before he went down with the knee injury that cost him his 2012-2013 season with the 76ers. Should the Celtics give him a big multiyear deal? Absolutely not. If he wants a big contract we forget about him. But if he is willing to take a Veteran Minimum contract or something among those lines can it really hurt for the Celtics to give him a chance in their rebuilding process. If his contract is small, there is so much upside and such little downside. I say give the guy a shot. What about you?

PS: The Heat are considered one of the front runners for Bynum at this point. If he goes to the Heat and becomes the star player people thought he could be, the rest of the NBA should just all start rebuilding because nobody will compete with them for at least 5 years.


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