How the New College Football Playoffs Should be Structered

Last night may be one of the best things to happen to College Football in 50 years. The game was absolutely phenomenal, three lead changes in the final 3 minutes, a returned kick, the Heisman winning freshmen quarterback leading his team down the field in what would be a game winning drive, fantastic. But last night also marked the end of the terrible BCS process. Now we will not have to wonder who the best team in the league is, we will not need to wonder if the selection committee screwed up by putting so and so in the Championship, because we finally have a playoff! Oh wait we only have a four team playoff? Scratch that previous thought.

What College Football Should Do

College Football should take one team (division winner) from the 10 College Football conferences, this is excluding the FBS independents. If you want to have a chance to win your conference and make the playoffs, join a real conference, simple as that. We then select 8 at large bid teams to make an 18 team playoff. This would obviously require having a shorter regular season but with a real playoff I feel no fan will argue that concept. The Conference Championships, such as the “Iron Bowl” in each conference can still exist, so we are not throwing away the few good traditions in College Football. The winner of the Conference Championship will obviously win the division and clinch an automatic playoff berth.

Seeding will not be by record. It would not be right to have 9-4 Louisiana Layfette from the Sun Belt Conference team seeded higher than an 11-1 Alabama team from the SEC because Alabama did not win their division (I’m looking at you Godell). Home field advantage is determined by seed and exists until the Championship game which will be played at a neutral site.

This system will give every team a chance. Teams from smaller conferences will get their shot to show they are the best team in the league. It will allow David the Chance to fight Goliath on the big stage, something that is nonexistent in College Football today, and something that will still be nonexistent with the new 4 team playoff system. And my system will finally let us crown, without any doubt, a true National Champion.


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