Romo Out; Orton In

The Cowboys have lost their elite (yes Romo is elite) quarterback for the remainder of the season, however long that may be. The Cowboys have what is essentially a play-in game this weekend to make the playoffs and to take the NFC East Crown. So the question is who fills the shoes of Tony Romo, who is the man behind the mask that will save the Cowboys season and resolidify the Cowboys as “America’s Team”. Well my friends, that man is Kyle Orton.

Kyle Orton loves his Jack and Cokes, nothing screams anti-commie like Jack and Cokes. If he drank Vodka that would be another story.


Kyle Orton fans get “Jesus” on the back of Jerseys, instead of “Orton”. And Jesus was American and there is no disputing that.

He even kind of looks like Jesus

Sure Kyle Orton got benched in Denver for arguably the worst Quarterback of all time (Tim Tebow). But that does mean this guy will not get it done. Believe it or not he actually has a winning record as a starter (35-34). Call me a fool but I think Kyle Orton gets it done this week and shocks the world. The Cowboys will beat the Eagles this weekend and make the playoffs, bet every penny you have on it.

Anyways just out curiosity, what do you guys think.

Like I said, Amurica’s quarterback.


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