Phil Robertson Suspended from “Duck Dynasty” for Anti Gay Remarks

When a media figure gets suspended for making an offensive statement, the tricky thing often is figuring out which part of it he or she got suspended for.

Star and duck-call mogul Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, for instance, was indefinitely suspended by A&E Wednesday after an interview with GQ in which he called homosexuality sinful — like, in his words, drunkenness, bestiality, promiscuity, and terrorism — and in specifically anatomical terms saying why he thought being gay was “illogical.”



I want to start this blog out by saying I do not agree with Phil Robertson’s statement.

That being said, things like this are starting to drive me crazy. Phil made a statement, he does not believe what homosexual people do is right. That is HIS opinion, he should be able to voice it. Freedom of Speech, ever heard of it? It is his right to have his own opinion and if you don’t like it you do not need to watch the show, its not like anyone is forcing you too. Everyone has their right to their own opinion and own choices, that is what America, America. Not everyone has to think the same, this isn’t Soviet Russia. Their is no way in hell Phil Robertson should be suspended from “Duck Dynasty” because he has an unpopular opinion.

We as a country really just need to stop being so sensitive and stop taking every little statement so seriously. When I read Phil’s statement my exact thoughts were “Well I don’t agree with that”. That’s it. I really didn’t care. I let it go. It did not bother me. No I did not agree with him but I am also not going to get all worked up and go after the guy for saying what he thinks. Just because I do not agree with him does not mean I need to start some war about it. Phil does not need to think the same way I think and I do not need to think the same way Phil thinks. 

Anyways, what is your guys opinion on this?


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