Romulus Residents Go Bananas for New Taco Bell

Dec.  18 (UPI) — Obviously times are tough, but  the opening of a new Taco Bell in Romulus, Mich., seems to have town residents a  little too excited about the prospect of getting gorditas and chalupas close to  home. 

“OK, on three, everybody say, ‘Burrito Supreme!’” said Romulus Mayor LeRoy  Burcroff at the restaurant’s grand opening.

Town residents have been salivating about getting a Taco Bell for quite a while. 

“We’ve been waiting a long time for this,” said Planning Commission  chairwoman Cathy Freitag. “This is a great day for Romulus.”

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Burrito Supreme! Burrito Supreme!

Honestly do people still eat at Taco Bell? Taco Bell may be the most disgusting place on earth. Their meat is lower quality then dog food meat for Christ sakes! Don’t get me wrong I am as unhealthy as a person as it gets, I eat Wild Wings and McDonalds on a weekly bases. But to get this excited over a Taco Bell opening in your town may be the saddest thing on earth. Romulus, Michigan may be the most depressing place on earth and I would not wish it on my worst enemy to be stuck in that burrito loving town.

By the way the father son combo that tailgated the Taco Bell grand opening 100% look like Philidelphia Collins and his son from “Trailer Park Boys”.


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