The Celtics Should be Buyers, Not Sellers

Trade rumors have been circulating that consist of sending Rajon Rondo to the Sacramento Kings for Demarcus Cousins, Ben McLemore, Isiah Thomas, and a first round draft pick.

This trade makes no sense to me. Why would the Celtics trade Rajon Rondo if you are looking to rebuild. He is a guy you can rebuild your team around! The point guard position has arguably become the most important position in basketball and Rajon Rondo is one of the best point guards in the league. It’s not like Rondo is aging like Paul Pierce (36), he is only 27 years old! He still has 6-7 years of great basketball ahead of him.

Does Danny Ainge not notice that this team is improving by the game as it is? The Celtics just came off a huge win against a very good Timber Wolves team, in which they looked very strong. The only piece this team is missing in the puzzle is a point guard, and Rondo will fill that void. This team is only improving. If it is not broken there is no need to fix it. It comes down to this: you do not need to trade Rondo to rebuild, you need to keep Rondo to rebuild.

What the Celtics should do is aquire Omir Asik from the Houston Rockets, which is another trade rumor they have been involved in. The Rockets have already said they will trade him, they just need to find a suitable buyer. So why not the Celtics? Omir is only 27 years old, so he fits into the Celtics rebuilding plan. He is one of the best defensive centers in Basketball, and he would be joining the Celtics 6th ranked defense. Now toss Rondo into that defense to go along with Asik and Avery Bradley, and you have the best defense in the league.

The bottom line is the Celtics should not be sellers, they should be buyers.


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