People are Skiing in the Detroit Ruins

Here’s one thing to do with all the abandoned buildings in Detroit: turn them into urban ski slopes.

“Tracing Skylines,” a movie by Poor Boyz Productions and Red Bull Media House, features skiers taking on the terrain in Alaska, Canada, Switzerland, France and, naturally, Detroit. Karl Fostvedt skis in an abandoned church, factory and school in and around the Motor City.

Though the crew seems to be less than knowledgable about Detroit, where residents are reasonably going to be a little suspicious when you turn their city into a snowy playground, they definitely have the skiing down. You’ve never seen winter sports quite like this.

First off I just want to say it is amazing how bad things have gotten in Detroit, and how Washington is just watching it crumble. Did you know the average police response time in Detroit is 58 minutes? Mind blowing fact right there.

Anyways I guess we could always just turn Detroit into a ski area. I mean do we have any better ideas on what to do with it at this point? I thought it would be a good idea to just annex it and turn it into a real life “Hunger Games” where we can send criminals to battle it out and the last one standing earns their freedom. But I suppose this works too. 

Anyways I am going to put it up to a vote, “Hunger Games” Detroit or Ski Park Detroit?


One thought on “People are Skiing in the Detroit Ruins

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