State of Stew’s Blog Adress

Alright so here’s the skizzy. I got this awesome opportunity to write for KC Sports If you have not visited this website before let me tell you it is awesome. It has articles about almost anything that is going on in sports about almost any team in all 4 of the major sports. They also have articles about Fantasy Sports, MMA, College Basketball, College Football you name it, this websites got it. It also has babes in bikinis which never hurts. It’s any guys paradise really on a single website. It’s awesome. So they asked me to start writing sports articles for them, and obviously I accepted this offer and opportunity.

So that leaves the question, what happens to Stew’s Blog? Stew’s Blog will be continued and business will go on as usual. I will still post the usual smut that I always do and sports articles that do not go on KC Sports Ninja’s website. I will post articles from both sites on Facebook and Twitter as usual.

So that is where I am at right now. Keep on reading guys and thanks for the support.


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