Shawne Merriman Walks Out of ESPN Interview

The fact that Le Batard and Bomani Jones look so surprised after that disgrace of an interview is absolutely shocking. They just took what was probably a very sensitive topic for Merriman and braided it with the dumbest questions ever. I bet their following questions would of been:

Was the fire hot? Or was it cold?

Did you see any members of your family burn to death? How was that experience?

Did the shelter smell weird?

How were the beds at the shelter, were they comfortable?

Was it an overall fun experience?

I mean seriously guys this was terrible. And then to sit their and act like you were shocked that he got up and left was absolutely amazing. I expect this out of Dan Le Batard but not out of you Bomani Jones. Next time you guys have a FORMER PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE on your show you may want to ask him about the sport he played, in this case football. You know what guys, I will draft you up some questions right now.

Do you think it is a good idea to keep bombarding NFL players with fines with high hits after players such as Gronkowski keep going down with ACL tears due to low hits?

Do you think your former team, The San Diego Chargers (6-7) still have a realistic shot of making the playoffs?

Being one of the leaders in your former locker room, how would you of handled the Richie Incognito and Jonathon Martin situation?

Who are your favorites for the Super Bowl this year?

Do you agree with the Super Bowl being played in a cold weather climate, or do you think it should be played in either a warm weather climate like Miami or in a dome?

There you go Bomani and Dan, now you can talk sports on your Sports Talk Show and not pick at a touchy subject of a former NFL Player. Also ESPN you can hire me to write questions for these guys. See the “About” section of my blog for my contact information. But I expect nothing less than a 100,000 dollar salary per year.

Or you know, you can keep having stupid interviews like that. Balls in your court ESPN.


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