It Would Be Wrong to Boo Doc Rivers in his Return Tonight

As a Celtics fan, I would find it astounding if Doc did not get a warm welcome tonight. Doc took over as the Celtics coach in 2004 and helped rebuild a franchise that needed a serious overhaul. He led the team to a Championship in 2008 and coached the Celtics for 9 years. So what if he was reluctant to step into another rebuilding process, you cannot hate him for that. He helped create a team that was taken apart by Danny Ainge, not him. So when he was faced with another long rebuilding process, he left. And he really didn’t even leave, he was traded. He most likely would of left anyways but still that should factor into this as well. He led the Celtics to one of their best seasons throughout this storied franchise in 2008 and it would be an absolute disgrace if he is boo’ed in his return to Boston.

Prediction: Blake will be to much to handle for Sully, Clippers win by at least 10.


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