Celtics Fall to Nets; KG and Pierce Reunion Game

The Celtics fell to the Brooklyn Nets 104-96 last night in Brooklyn. They could not handle Brooke Lopez and he really just dominated this game, as he shot 10-13 and was just a dominating presence in the paint. Deron Williams added a season high 25 for the Nets. This Nets team is a team I expect to be in the thick of it in the Eastern Conference come playoff time. They are still learning how to play together and their record shows that. All they need is some time. You know how the saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day”.

Can anyone tell me when Olynyk is coming back? The Celtics could of really used him last night as Sullinger was just being dominated in the paint. The guy sprained his ankle like three weeks ago so he better be coming back either tonight or the next game.

But watching this game was weird for me. It was weird to see Pierce and KG not in Celtic Green. Although KG did not play his whole career in Boston, I would put any amount of money on him retiring as a Celtic and going into the NBA Hall of Fame as one. And of course Pierce has been a Celtic his whole career up until this year. It’s unfortunate both guys could not retire in Celtic green. It makes sense from a business and from a basketball stand point to push these guys out and to start to rebuild, but it is hard to see if you have been a Celtic fan for the past 4 years. I know why we let these guys go but I wish we never did. And you know Pierce and KG wish they were still in Boston too. Teams like the Celtics during the Big Three era only come around once in a generation in my opinion. The personality, heart, and passion they had for the game of basketball is something you do not see now of days. LeBron, Bosh, and Wade don’t even come close. They are an embarrassment and should never be considered “The Big Three”. The Big Three will always be Pierce, Garnett, and Allen and their is no arguing that.


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