Man Tries to Rob Taco Joint with Sword

According to an affidavit, 28-year-old Adam Kramer began sliding the sword out of a sheath and threatened a waitress at a Mexican restaurant in San Antonio on Dec. 2.

Authorities said Kramer walked out of the restaurant — without the food — and to his truck while yelling either he got free tacos or somebody would die.

Investigators said the waitress locked the door after the San Antonio man drove away.

No one was injured in the incident.

Law officers arrested Kramer the next day. Bond was set at $50,000. Bexar County jail records did not list Kramer as still in custody Tuesday or provide details on an attorney.

You don’t have to agree with Adam Kramer but god damn you have to respect him! Robbing a taco store with a sword takes some serious cojones esse. The waitress could of just pulled out a gun like it wasn’t the 15th century and blown him to kingdom come for Christ sakes. But no, Adam just walks in like a boss and demands free tacos that probably cost 2 dollars a piece or someone is going to die. I bet he is the next Robin Hood, stealing Taco’s for the poor. Or he’s just a fat ass. Yeah, most likely just a fat ass.

The real question here is Adam Kramer the water bottle ninja?

I think he is. Taco joints and water bottles everywhere beware of Adam Kramer and his sword of 10,000 truths!


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