Man Tries to Syphon Gas, Sets Himself on Fire

Serious question, how is this guy not dead? Car literally explodes on him and he comes out of it with badly burned legs. That guy must of had his lucky cigarette on him or something.p>

I understand where he is coming from though. I bet Syphoning gas is stressful stuff. There are so many variables that could ruin your plan. Security, owner comes back, you swallow the gas and pass out. You can’t blame this guy for needing a smoke! Sure gas is highly flammable and just a little spark and you will blow up like Hiroshima but that is the name of the game. If you can’t stand the heat stay out of the syphoning gas game, simple as that.

Charging him with arson though? It’s not like he meant to explode himself, come on now Australia.



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