Is Not Being Able to Use a Calculator in Math Class the Most Ridiculous Rule Ever?

So throughout this semester I have not been allowed to use a Calculator in my class. And that leaves me wondering, is this the most ridiculous rule of all time?

At what point in my life will I not have a calculator available to me. There are programed into everything now. They are on your phone, they are on your computer, and of course you can also just have a calculator in your desk or in your bag. Sure, maybe I still don’t know how to do long division because of calculators, but I might also be able to chalk that up of having the math skills of a dyslexic monkey. So unless I am in the middle of the wilderness, where the only math I would be doing is how much berries I can eat at a time, or I am dead, I really do not need to worry about having a calculator handy to me.

And one more thing, when in the world will I ever need to use quadratic equations and things like that? I am not going into engineering or anything, I am going into journalism. I am not trying to be a mathematician, I hate math. So why the hell do I need to know how to do 3yX5+7z-135y? No idea if that is a quadratic equation or not, still do not know what a quadratic equation is. But it makes no sense to me. Let me practice the things I need to learn to for my job and I will let my calculator do all my math for me. Makes sense right?


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