Gronk Out For Year With Torn ACL and MCL

Well what I feared came true. Gronk is out for year with a torn ACL and MCL, an injury that usually requires 8-12 months to recover. And after seeing RG3 this year it would probably be the best idea to side with the ladder. Horrible news for Gronk, horrible news for the Patriots, horrible news for the NFL. It is terrible to see any player suffer this type of injury because most of the time they will never recover, with the expectation of Adrian Peterson. No need to rush Gronk back, let him sit and heal as long as he needs to next year and lets just hope that he can return to the player he was yesterday before the injury.

Also anyone who says Gronk is injury prone because this injury should sit back and think about that for a second. Any body on planet earth who got hit in the knee like Gronk did yesterday would have a torn ACL. Could of happened to any player on that field. And no it was not a dirty hit by TJ Ward, DB’s are being trained to not hit high due the NFL cracking down on concussions. So they hit low now, and injuries like this will happen at a frequent rate now. Nothing you can do about it.

I also thought TJ Ward was going to turn to stone from this Bellicheck stare down.


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