Keep the Faith! Pats Pull One Out; Gronk Injury

The Patriots just like to tease us at this point. What a crazy ending to a crazy game. Score, onside recovery, score again, and then give Billy Cundwiff another chance to miss a field goal (although in his defense it was a almost impossible kick).

Although losing Gronk is absolutely huge, this season is not over by a long shot. Yes the Patriots struggled without Gronk at the start of the year, but they also did not have Shane Vereen, who continues to be HUGE for this team. The Patriots offense rallied today when we needed them most, when Gronk went down. I am bringing back the Sox motto of 2004, KEEP THE FAITH. BELIEVE in this team. BELIEVE in Bill Bellichek, BELIEVE in Tom Brady. This season is not over. We always find a way. Why? Because this is a great team and I still believe they can get to the Super Bowl.

Horrible to see Gronk go down like that though. No one knows what the injury is at this point but we can speculate that it is very serious, most likely a torn ACL. Gronk is such a great player and it is horrible to see him go down with a injury that will drastically effect his career.

No one can replace Gronk, but it may not be a bad idea to sign a receiving tight end. I know these guys are old but maybe bring in a Chris Cooley or Todd Heap? Just some food for thought.

Like I said in my preview this would be a close game and Jordan Cameron (9 receptions for 121 yards, 1 TD) and Josh Gordon (7 receptions for 151 yards, 1 TD) would torch this secondary, and they did just that. This secondary needs to get healthy fast.

The Patriots take on the Dolphins next Sunday, I will put up a full preview later in the week but I like the Patriots in another close game.

Oh yeah, and were back in the playoffs, AFC East Champs!


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