Celtics Blow Out Knicks, Solidify Themselves as a Premeire Team in the East

The Patriots are not the only team who won today, The Celtics blew out the Knicks 114-73 at the Garden. This is after the Knicks blew out the Magic at the Garden 121-83. I have said it once, and I will say it again, this is a good Celtics team. And when Rondo returns, dare I say this team is a contender in the East. Look at what they have done this season. 10-12 after starting off 0-4. They can play with the big boys. The offense is strong and the defense is stronger. The starting line up is rock solid and Lee, Pressey, Wallace, and even Humphries have all looked good off the bench. This team has so much upside it is incredible. The future looks very bright for this young Celtics team.

The Celtics first quarters in the past two games have been incredible. Against the Nuggets they opened the game 39-14. Against the Knicks they opened the game 34-11. They come out hot right out the gate and make you play from behind.

The Celtics took away the three pointer today against the Knicks, as they only went 6-16 from behind the arc. This is a crucial part of the Knicks game and taking that away from them really takes away their offense all together.

Also, Jordan Crawford’s tweet at Bill Simmons, another “Celtics stink this year, they should just tank” supporter is laugh out loud funny.

photo (4)

Must hurt to choke on your words huh?

Do you guys believe this team can make the playoffs yet?

The Celtics take on the Brooklyn Nets in Brooklyn in their next game, and I have the Celtics by at least 10.


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