Beer Bandits Try Jumping Down 10 Stories To Escape, Fail Miserably

beer heist

Story here.

I really cannot decide which getaway story is worse. The man who got impaled on a fence after a drink-and-dash, or two guys who clearly think “Assassins Creed” is a realistic video game and actually happened in real life. No doubt they actually think Ezio and Connor existed. I’m sorry guys but you can’t just jump down 10 stories of balconies and not expect for one of you to break your leg and have to be plucked off the roof like the firefighters are playing the old fashion “crane game” like you see at Chuck-E-Cheese. Also the guy with the mustache 100% looks like a career Chuck-E-Cheese worker now that I think of it. Mustache= Pedophile Level 3 Status. There are men who can pull of mustaches, such as Mike Ditka, then their are people like you, who simply cannot.

Anyways I am torn here, but I have to go with the man getting impaled on the fence as the worse getaway story, simply because I am still frazzled about it. Still don’t understand how that can happen.


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