Mike Napoli Signs a 2 Year Deal with The Sox and All is Right in The World

The man who literally drunkenly around Boston like Randy from Trailer Park Boys is back in Boston and I could not be happier. He was a staple to this offense and even though he has only been in Boston for one year he has already become a face of this franchise. I mean the guy still has not shaved yet, and he probably never will again. But that is what you have to love about this guy. He’s not Elsbury or Cano who just chase the money and care nothing about the game, this guy is an absolute savage on and off the field and as a die hard Sox fan you have to love this move.

napoli still has not shaved

And now the line up could potentially look like this:

Kemp (Sox will sign him)

Scary good. And with the pitching rotation of:

Dubront (Should get the final spot over Ryan Dumpster)
And this bullpen is the best in the league with Koji (who is 38 believe it or not), Andrew Bailey (who is coming back from injury), Workmen, Dumpster, and newly signed Edward Mujica.

This team looks poised to make another World Series run. The Yankees are depleted and have a TON of holes in their line up after losing Cano and their pitching is abysmal to say the least. So we really just need to contend with Baltimore and Tampa Bay in the AL East and once we get the division we need to contend with Detroit, Cleveland, Oakland, and Texas. I like our chances.


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