Jacoby Signs with the Yankees


Surprisingly enough, I am not really to upset with this. Sure Jacoby was a great player, but he never really seemed like the “Boston” player like some of these guys are on this team like Ortiz, Pedroia, Lester to name a few. This is not really a stab in the heart like it was when Damon left. I’m not surprised that Jacoby decided to take the money rather than remain loyal to his team, he just seems like that type of guy. He’s just the type of guy that’s in it for the money, and he will go where the money is. Like Jax Teller once said: “I am sick and tired of greedy men who believe in nothing”


Also when will the Yankees learn that giving huge contracts to players is not the best idea. Worked out really well with A-rod and Texiara last year huh?


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