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Bills vs Patriots Recap; I Would Like to Welcome You All to the LeGarrete Blount Show

The New England Patriots took down the Buffalo Bills this past Sunday 34-20 in a game that never seemed very close.

There is not much to say about this game. LeGarrette Blount trudged through sloppy condishions and a sloppy Bills front 7 on his way to racking up 189 yards on the ground, a career high. But Blount did not stop there, he also tacked on 145 yards returning the ball for the Patriots. Have you ever seen a 250 pounder returning kicks? No, but it’s just another idea from Bellichick’s brilliant mind. Do I believe in two weeks Blount will have the same type of game? No, of course not. The Patriots mix up their offensive ideas week by week. When you expect the fastball, you get the curveball. When you expect the curveball, you get the slider. It is what makes the Patriots offense so successful, they are unpredictable.

The Patriots could not stop the Bills rushing attack, which was expected. C.J Spiller rushed for 105 yards on 19 carries, a 7 yard per carry average. Fred Jackson added 60 yards on 14 carries. This was expected, it was a sloppy game due to the weather conditions, and of course each team’s offense is going to be rush heavy. But here is a scary stat for you: Thad Lewis threw for 247 yards on 16 completions. During weather conditions that were favorable for the Patriots pass defense, they got torched by the
Bills backup quarterback. This Patriots defense is a major Achilles Heel for the Patriots and could lead to their ultimate demise in the playoffs, which pains me to say. Can this offense keep up with the high powered Broncos offense? Can they stop a Marshawn Lynch or LeSean McCoy if they make it to the Super Bowl? All that remains to be seen.

But we are in the playoffs, and we have a first round bye, so that is a positive. Brady and Bellichick have two weeks to learn some new pitches and see if they can get them by powerhouse hitters like Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Do I believe they can do that? Of course I do, the Patriots have a “just win” type mentality that we have all grown accustom to. The Patriots have 13 consecutive winning seasons. All this team does is win. It’s not always pretty, especially this year, but they get the job done. Brady is having one of his worst statistical years in his career, while Peyton Manning is having the best statistical year ever by a Quarterback. But you put a gun to my head and you ask me who is going to win an AFC Championship matchup between the two, and I will say Tom Brady and the New England Patriots every single time.

The Patriots will face the highest seed remaining in the AFC after the Wild Card round, not this weekend, but the following weekend at Gillette Stadium. I will post be posting predictions for the Wild Card round for the AFC and NFC later this week, so keep an eye out for that.


As Fast as it Started, it Ended. Farewell Kyle Orton

The song that is playing in Kyle Orton’s head right now (Play for effect).

There is only one certainty in this thing we call life, and that is the Dallas Cowboys will choke when it matters most. It does not matter who has the reigns to this buggy, weather it be Tony Romo, our even the mighty King Neck Beard. Well here is too you Kyle Orton, you played decent but you threw the game away on the first pass of what could of been the game winning drive. Ill pour one out for you tomorrow because it is almost inevitable you will die in one of your drunken stupors. So I bid you adieu, Kyle Orton, your 15 minutes are up, and as fast as they came, they went.

Week 17 Playoff Locks; Who Will Make It?

Week 17 is only a day away and there are still four playoff spots up for grabs. The Cowboys and Eagles will face off in the NFC East to see who will take home the division crown and will sneak into the Playoffs. But that is not the only NFC division that has playoff berth implications. The Packers and Bears will battle to see will reign supreme in the NFC North and find their way into the Playoffs. In the AFC the Dolphins, Ravens, Chargers, and Steelers all still have a shot at the final wildcard spot. Who will make it? Well here is your answer via game by game breakdown.

Packers Bears

With the return of Aaron Rodgers, I believe the Packers will roll over the Bears. The Bears were just blown out by the Eagles 54-11. And it is hard to pick which was worse for the Bears, their offense or defense. The Bears only gained 257 total yards against a poor Eagles defense. They also surrendered 514 yards to the Eagles offense. The Bears turned the ball over twice, once on a Jay Cutler interception and once on a lost fumble. I do not see the Bears Swiss cheese stopping Aaron Rodgers enough to hold the Packers under 30 points and I do not see Cutler leading the Bears offense down the field enough to contend with that. Packers win 31-20. It will be interesting to see how Bears fans and management react to Mark Trestmen’s decision of not leaving Josh McCown at Quarterback after Cutler returned.

Cowboys Eagles

As you may know Tony Romo has been placed on IR with a Herniated Disk in his back. The Dallas defense cannot stop a nosebleed. They have the 27th worst rush defense in the league, and the 31st ranked pass defense in the league. The Eagles have the 1st ranked rushing offense, which is led by All-Pro running back LeSean McCoy. The Eagles also have the 9th ranked passing attack led by the emerging Nick Foles. Every single thing points to picking the Eagles to win this game, but for some reason I feel like they choke this one away and King Neck Beard (Kyle Orton) leads the Cowboys to a miracle win. Cowboys win 27-24.

Jets Dolphins

Sources are saying that Rex Ryan will likely be back as coach of the New York Jets, and I think that will fire up this Jets team. Tannehill is not good when he is under pressure, the Bills showed us that last weekend. The Dolphins allowed a season high 7 sacks to the Bills last week. And now the Dolphins have to work on stopping a very good Jets front 4 led by Mo Wilkerson? That will not happen. The Jets are playing with nothing to lose, and the Dolphins are playing with everything to lose, and I think that will be too much for this Dolphins team. Jets win 17-13, crushing Miami’s playoff chances.

Ravens Bengals

Joe Flacco is not listed on the Ravens injury report with his knee injury, an injury that hobbled him against the Patriots last week, but that does not mean he is still not feeling it. The Bengals are a under the radar team that is still playing for the 2nd seed in the AFC. They have two talented outside wide receivers in A.J Green and Muhammad Sanu and Andy Dalton has been playing well as of late. And to put the icing on the cake, the Bengals are playing at home, where they are 7-0 this season. Patriots fans will not have to worry about playing the Ravens in the playoffs this year, as the Bengals will knock the Ravens out of playoff contention with a final score of 21-17 Bengals.

Chiefs Chargers

This game means absolutely nothing for the Kansas City Chiefs. They have locked in the 5th seed in the AFC, and are no longer in contention for the AFC West, as the Broncos have already sealed it up. The Chargers have already beaten the Chiefs at Arrowhead this season, and now the Chiefs have nothing to really play for. Chargers win 28-21.

Steelers Browns

As promising as the Browns season has started equals how bad it has ended. The Browns have no fight left in them and at this point could be playing for a higher pick in the upcoming draft. Steelers win 31-14.

So that puts the San Diego Chargers, The Green Bay Packers, and the Dallas Cowboys all in the playoffs. Lock all these picks in with anyone who will bet with you, and you will come away from Sunday like a bandit.

*A few other interesting match ups to watch this Sunday are the Arizona Cardinals vs the San Francisco 49ers and the New Orleans Saints vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Cardinals are the hottest team in football, going 8-1 over their past 9 games, and I bet they go 9-1 over their past ten games with a win over San Francisco this weekend. Now that leaves us with the New Orleans Saints vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to decide the fate of the Cardinals. If the Saints win, they are in, if they lose they are out. Luckily the Saints are at the Superdome where they are 7-0 on the season. The Saints will beat the Buccaneers which will leave the 11-5 Cardinals (if they beat San Francisco) on the outside looking in while the 8-7-1 Packers (if they beat the Bears) will be in the playoffs. Interesting how that works, huh?

Bills vs. Patriots Preview

The New England Patriots will be visited by the Buffalo Bills this Sunday at 4:25 for what will be the Patriots last regular season game of the season.

The Patriots and Bills faced off week one this season, a game the Patriots won on a Stephen Gostkowski game winning field goal.


Rob Ninkovich has been nursing an ankle injury, and missed practice Friday. Rob Ninkovich is huge for this Patriots defense. Not only does he help stop the run, he is also considered one of the leaders of this Patriots defense.

Shane Vereen missed practice Friday with a groin injury. Vereen is a key component to this offense, but at the same time it would be terrible for the Patriots and their chances in the playoffs if Vereen ended up worsening his injury by rushing back (no pun intended). If Vereen needs to sit, he should sit. We will need him in the playoffs.

Devin McCourty is recovering from a concussion and could likely miss Sundays game.

The Patriots were able to control Fred Jackson and C.J Spiller in their week one matchup, but I do not think the Patriots will be contain this dynamic duo of running backs this week. Back in week one the Patriots had Vince Wilfork, Jerod Mayo, and Tommy Kelly to clog up the middle of the field. Now all of those players have all been sidelined with season ending injuries and teams with a good rushing attack have been exposing this. I expect the Bills to at least pile up 200 rushing yards as a team this Sunday.

E.J Manuel, the Bills starting quarterback week one against the Patriots, is doubtful and will likely be not play against. This leaves backup quarterback Thad Lewis to grab the reigns again for the Buffalo Bills. Through five games, Thad has thrown for 845 yards, 3 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. Although he is not the worst quarterback you will ever see, he is not a starting quarterback in the NFL. Expect Thad to turn the ball over against this Patriots secondary who have recently transformed into a ball hawking secondary. This can be said by the recent emergence of rookie cornerback Logan Ryan out of Rutgers. Ryan has 5 interceptions on the year to go along with 2 defensive touchdowns.

The Patriots have won 20 of their last 21 games against the Buffalo Bills. Now I am not one to buy into history. Obviously the Patriots and Bills were completely different teams 5 years back, but the one constant that has remained with the New England Patriots is Brady and Beliichick. They have always had the Bills number and I do not expect that to change here. Although the Bills will rack up the rushing yards against the Patriots I expect Thad Lewis to make a few costly mistakes that will cost the Bills the game. Patriots win, 31-21.

Aaron Rodgers Cleared to Start Against Chicago Bears


Remember two weeks ago on “No Nawnsense” when I said the Packers will not only make the playoffs but they will make it to the Super Bowl. Well that is looking a bit more realistic now. Rodgers coming back gives this team its offense back and brings new life to the Green Bay Packers. Rodgers has played 8 games in 2013, throwing for 2218 yards, 15 touchdowns, and only 4 interceptions. If the Packers win against the Bears, which with Rodgers I can guarantee they will, they will secure the 4 seed in the NFC. In all likely hood they would face the San Francisco 49ers in what would be a rematch of the first game of the season, a game in which the Packers lost 34-28. The only difference would be the 49ers would be coming to Lambo, rather than the Packers traveling to Candlestick. That is a game the Packers will win against Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers. After that the NFC is anybodys game, but if I were in the NFC I would want the best quarterback in the conference on my side, and the Packers just got him back.


Oh and if Boxing Day couldn’t already be Packers fans new favorite holiday, they also may be getting Randall Cobb back come playoff time.


It must be a good day to be a Cheese Head indeed.

Romo Out; Orton In

The Cowboys have lost their elite (yes Romo is elite) quarterback for the remainder of the season, however long that may be. The Cowboys have what is essentially a play-in game this weekend to make the playoffs and to take the NFC East Crown. So the question is who fills the shoes of Tony Romo, who is the man behind the mask that will save the Cowboys season and resolidify the Cowboys as “America’s Team”. Well my friends, that man is Kyle Orton.

Kyle Orton loves his Jack and Cokes, nothing screams anti-commie like Jack and Cokes. If he drank Vodka that would be another story.


Kyle Orton fans get “Jesus” on the back of Jerseys, instead of “Orton”. And Jesus was American and there is no disputing that.

He even kind of looks like Jesus

Sure Kyle Orton got benched in Denver for arguably the worst Quarterback of all time (Tim Tebow). But that does mean this guy will not get it done. Believe it or not he actually has a winning record as a starter (35-34). Call me a fool but I think Kyle Orton gets it done this week and shocks the world. The Cowboys will beat the Eagles this weekend and make the playoffs, bet every penny you have on it.

Anyways just out curiosity, what do you guys think.

Like I said, Amurica’s quarterback.