My God was that Ugly

The Celtic’s were leading at halftime against the newly 11 and 1 Indiana Pacers 50-42, then the wheels fell of the wagon. The Celtic’s did not lose to the Pacers last night, they lost to themselves.

The Celtics shot 59 percent in the first half, followed by a 40 percent shooting performance in the second half.

The Celtics were outscored 25-8 in the third quarter, which is inexcusable. They were outscored by 10 in the third quarter against the Spurs in the previous game.

The Celtics turned the ball over 21 times, including 6 times by their current “point guard” Jordan Crawford. Crawford had his best scoring performance of the season, putting up 24 and leading all Celitc’s scorers. But he only had 4 assists, as the current point guard he is clearly not distributing the ball enough, and when he is trying to, he is turning the ball over. He is not setting other players up with the looks they need to be successful. I am not saying Crawford is not a good player, he is, and his scoring is essential to this team. But the team should look to other players on the roster to be their interim point guard.

I hate to keep beating on this drum but when Phil Pressey was in the Celtics truly looked like a better team. They pushed the ball and played a much faster paced game, something they need to do against teams that have a 7’2 Roy Hibbert playing in the paint. Something they especially need to do when players like Olynyk sprain their ankle and sit out the rest of the game.

Speaking of Olynyk  if he can not go against the Hawks tonight, it would be a devastating loss for the Celtics. I know it is just a short term loss but the Celtics really need to get back on track tonight and the Sullinger Olynyk experiment has been working out very well so far and it would be great to see what they can do against the Hawks. And if you don’t think the Olynyk loss was huge last night, Olynyk played a good chunk of the first half and did not play in the second. And the game was a tale of two halves. You see my point.

Jeff Green played well, scoring 20 points and shooting 8- 13 from the field.

A little fishy how the Celtics shot just one free throw over the first 31 minutes of the game.

Overall, solid performance in the first half but the team needs to finish games. This is the second game in a row the Celtics have played well in the first half only to come out flat in the third quarter and to eventually lose the game. The Celtics play the Atlanta Hawks tonight a game in which they need to win, and I think they will do just that. Unless Olynyk is a no go, then the Hawks will most likely take this game sending the Celtics to a 4-11 record.

In other NBA news, a horrible scene took place in Chicago as Derrick Rose, who is returning from a left ACL tear, went down with a non contact injury to his left knee. It is not uncommon to see a player injure a non repaired knee after coming off major surgery to the other knee.


As a fan of the game you hate to see things like this. Derrick Rose is, in my opinion, the most fun player to watch in the NBA and the best point guard in the NBA (sorry Rondo). And to see him go down with what is most likely another serious knee injury is horrible. If the injury is what I think it is (ACL tear), it will change his career forever and will leave all of us thinking, including Derrick Rose himself, what could of been.

Some offensive highlights of Derrick Rose’s career.

(33 second mark for a complete ankle break)


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