Celtics Fall to Spurs 104-93

Although the Celtics fell to the Spurs 104-93 last night in San Antonio. The Celtics played well and played with the Spurs up until halftime, where the score was 48-48.

The Celtics fell apart in the 3rd quarter (outscored 22-32) because Kawhi Leonard was awaken scoring 10 points in the quarter.

Jared Sullinger played extremely well, scoring 19 points and grabbing 17 rebounds. The Celtics seemed like a better team when he was out there. Sully should start moving forward. He started for the first time this season and the team looked completely different than it did the night before against the Rockets.

Sullinger and Olynk play well together. Olynk can dish and Sullinger can finish. And they can both rebound. I really like this front court combo.

The Celtics should roll with the same starting lineup that started last night (Sullinger, Olynk, Crawford, Bradley, Green). They played really well against a tough Spurs defense and played with the Spurs for most of the game. The game was closer than the score indicated.

And didn’t I say Jeff Green should start shooting the ball more, and if he did, the Celtics would play better? Well Jeff Green went 7-14 for 19 points. Which is almost the same way he played during the Celtic’s four game winning streak (17 points on 13 shots).

Can we please get Kris Humphries off our team? At this point ill trade him for a bag of milk.

And when Bonner comes in you know the game is about to get REAL very fast. I don’t want to say I knew the game was over at that point but I knew it was.

Overall, solid performance against the defending Western Conference Champs and there is a lot to build on moving forward. The Celtics play again Friday against the Pacers, which is again a very tough game. Put they are playing in TD Bank North and I think the crowd will get behind this team, But Paul George and the Pacers may just be to much for this team to handle. I like the Pacers in this one, but I believe the Celtics will get off their losing streak against the Hawks on Saturday.


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