Celtics fall to 4-8; Rondo Trade Rumors

The Celtics have dropped four straight since winning four in a row, but I am not worried one bit. This is still the team that won four in a row, and this is still the team that I guarantee will sneak into the playoffs with the 8 seed. During the Celtics 4 game losing streak they have lost games to the Timberwolves (7-5) who have looked very good. Kevin Love is really starting to look like a superstar in the NBA. They have also played the Trailblazers (9-2) and the Rockets (8-4). All of these teams are playoff teams in the Western Conference.

But the Celtic’s first loss came against the Bobcats, which is inexcusable. I truly believe the Celtics just tripped up against the Bobcats. They turned the ball over 15 times, something that can and will be fixed once Rondo returns.

The Celtics played better against the Trailblazers in their second loss but they were out rebounded 47 to 34. Phil Pressey looked very good in this game though, going for 6 points and 6 assists in only 11 minutes of playing time. The Celtics plus/minus was plus one when Pressey was in the game. The Celtics should continue to expand Pressey’s role as the season goes on.

Again, the Celtics turned over the ball TWENTY TWO times against the Timberwolves. This is where they need a true point guard, you cannot turn the ball over twenty two times against a team as talented as the Timberwolves and expect to win. In 14 minutes of play, Pressey did not turn the ball over once, had two assists, and had a plus/minus of plus two.

Against the Rockets the Celtics shot 32 percent, and the Rockets shot 57 percent. You can’t win if you can’t score, simple as that.

Jeff Green needs to step up and start taking more shots. Over the Celtics 4 game win streak green averaged 17 points on 13 shots a game. Over the four game losing streak Green averaged points 9.75 on 9.5 shots per game, including a 2 point performance against the Timberwolves and a 4 point performance against the Rockets. Jeff needs to keep attacking the rim and he should not be afraid to take over this offense.

I also believe Phil Pressey should be given an extended role on this team until Rondo comes back, where he could serve as his back up. He rarely turns the ball over, which is exactly what the Celtics have done during this 4 game losing streak, and he can make solid passes and score. He is not a super star by any means, but he is a solid, young point guard.

And if you don’t know who Phil Pressey is, here is a video of what he did last year at Missouri

12 assists in one half against UCLA, I would say that’s pretty good.

The Celtics take on the San Antonio Spurs tonight, who are 9-1 and are tied for the best record in the NBA with the Indiana Pacers (who the Celtics play next). This is a game the Celtics should lose, but the Celtics should of lost to the Heat, and look what happened there. Call me crazy, but I believe the Celtics snap their losing streak and win a close one in San Antonio tonight.

Now on to the Rondo trade rumors…

Why on earth would the Celtics ever trade Rajon Rondo if they are looking to rebuild? He is arguably the second best point guard in the league, behind Derek Rose. So unless we are going to get Derek Rose, then there is no reason to trade Rondo. Rondo has said he wants to play in Boston and he wants to lead this team, so why not let him? He is a proven playmaker and I believe he is a leader. He has been traveling with the team even though he is not playing, which is very rare in the NBA.

And even more ridiculous is the Knicks offer. Why in the world would we trade Rajon Rondo for Ivan Shumpert? Makes no sense. Rondo is a star player in this league, Shumpert is not. There is not a single person on the Knicks I would trade Rondo for, including brick chucker Carmelo Anthony.


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