NFL Week 11 Rewind

The games….

BUF 37 NYJ 14

This is what happens when you grind a rail like Otto Rocket at 300 feet.

(He is fine, somehow came away from that with minor injuries)

The question is, who has a better fall from the rafters, the Bills fan or The Denver Nuggets Mascot?

Oh and Geno is horrible, 16 picks through 10 games, Franchise QB!

OAK 28 HOU 23

Mark Davis still going with “I have human skin suits in my closet” haircut.

PIT 37 DET 27

Okay Jim Shwartz I’m not an NFL coach and I do not claim to be but when you have your punter, who is probably around the same size as me, run the ball on a fake field goal that could of put you up by 7, you are going to have a bad time.

ARI 27 JAX 14

Jason Babin going straight Predator mode on some guys dreadlocks

And believe it or not the Cardinals are tied with the 49ers in the NFC West.

nfc east

PHI 24 WAS 16

EDP got really excited

Edp jackoff

And LeSean McCoy stole a banner…. terrifying. Probably would of shit my pants if I were that Redskins fan.

Oh and RG3 is really bad at football now I guess.

And he tweets like a teenage girl

rg3 gay

rg3 me

SEA 41 MIN 20

Jennings to Drummond Ally Oop I simply could not ignore. You are welcome.

NO 23 SF 20

Jabari Greer Kevin Wared himself.

And Drew Brees kneck stretched out like Johnny Knoxville’s in “Men in Black”

And the 49er’s got, you guessed it, Jewed.

DEN 27 KC 17

The Chiefs showed that if they actually play a good team they will not win. Four of their nine wins against 4 back up quarterbacks and wins against the Jags, Eagles (when they were still playing Vick), and Raiders only proves that they are an average team that had an easy schedule. They will get the first wildcard spot because there remaining schedule still is not very challenging and will get bounced in the first round. Count on it.


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